End Citizens United States that Millennials Are the Key to Democrat Wins This Year

On December 14 of last year, the Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back net neutrality rules. Democrats are hoping that this action will inspire Millennials to go to the polls and vote in their favor this year.

What has gone on at the FCC may be all that is needed to prove to Millennials that President Donald Trump, other Republicans and new appointee to the FCC Ajit Pai are not interested in the needs and desires of Millennials and other consumers.

Jessica Rosenworcel stated that Americans are upset right now. She has said that what the Republican Party has tried to do has caused the rest of the country to take notice.

Net neutrality is the rules that keep Internet Service Providers from restricting a consumer’s ability to gain access to certain websites or slow the download speed of some types of content, and people’s thoughts on these issues are pretty predictable based on the member’s party affiliation. Democrats believe that this is one issue that will help them win elections this year.

According to studies, younger people are online much more than their older counterparts, but these polls also demonstrate that young people feel very strongly about an open and fair internet. Democrats believe that the net neutrality issue can bring young people into the political arena unlike issues like foreign policy and tax reform.

Senator Brian Schatz is a Democrat from Hawaii, and he believes that Millennials need to take control of this issue. “It’s possible for Millennial political leadership to make a real difference here.”

The fact that the Obama administration’s rules have been tossed aside could mean that a battle is about to begin in court, and it could completely overhaul the internet with Internet Service Providers taking the opportunity to reorganize the way in which consumers see online content. The providers would have the authority to limit some websites, slow them down and speed others up.

Republicans on the Federal Trade Commission have informed young people that they will be able to access the internet in the same way that they always have after the rules are in place. Some people believe that this will not be a political issue after the public knows that there is no difference in their internet service.

One Democrat strategist has said that the polls are showing that young people preferred the Democrats over the Republicans in the last elections. Jesse Ferguson believes that Democrats can definitely use the net neutrality issue to encourage Millennials to support them in the midterm elections. Medicare continues to be one of the most important issues for older people, but the polls are saying that young people are concerned about net neutrality.

Ferguson has stated that the net neutrality issue is showing young people that the government is more concerned about large corporations than their interests. That sentiment is lethal for every Republican.

By the time November arrives, 469 members of Congress will be up for re-election. Democrats are hoping that Donald Trump’s unpopularity will give them control of one of the houses. Republicans are in control of the White House and both houses of Congress right now.

To get back in control, Democrats really need Millennials to go out and vote, but they are not in the habit of participating in midterm elections when the country is not choosing the next president.

Net neutrality is the issue that liberal groups are using to beat up on the current Republican members of Congress.

Democrat Pramila Jayapal agreed. She stated that the net neutrality issue will be huge for the Democrats. It is an issue that every person in the country can appreciate. It’s about the relevance of the internet.

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End Citizens United’s Mission

It is End Citizens United’s mission to get Big Money out of politics and support campaign finance reform, and they hope to do this by helping candidates get elected who are dedicated to these issues. They recently announced the fact that they are in the process of raising $35 million to back the candidates who are challenging the “Big Money 20.” The Big Money 20 are 20 Republican members of Congress who are on the wrong side of issues that End Citizens United cares about such as net neutrality.

End Citizens United is located in Washington, D.C. and was launched on March 1, 2015. The president of this political Action Committee is Tiffany Muller.

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What the Future Holds

Some Democrats have tough battles ahead of them, and they are already talking about the need to keep the current net neutrality rules in place. Senator Bill Nelson is one of them, and he issued a letter in which he expressed his disagreement with terminating net neutrality rules. The campaign fundraising appeals that some Democrats are sending are specifically mentioning net neutrality.

Net neutrality will definitely be at the forefront in the many House elections. Democrats need to win 25 of these elections to be in control of the House of Representatives. It has become clear that Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ensured that net neutrality would be a major issue by publicly opposing changes to net neutrality rules.

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