About Us

At Release Fact you will find news, analysis and opinion on trending issues, journalistic investigations, social media chatter and a lot more. Release Fact is owned and operated by Parity Media where we care about the importance and value of staying current.

Release Fact, though part of a larger corporation, is an independent online publication with its own editorial team and staff members. Further, Release Fact is not associated with any law enforcement agency or government organization.

Editors & Contributing Staff

Brian Harris – Editor


Brian has over 15 years of experience working with local and community news companies in the UK. Having garnered enough experience, Brian eventually decided to take on greater responsibilities by covering global news.

Jennifer Cottrell – Contributor


Jennifer is a professional writer with over 7 years of experience. Jennifer joined Parity Media initially as a freelancer subsequently taking up a permanent role covering a range of topics and categories.

Amanda Peters – Contributor


Amanda is a science girl thanks to her degree in Chemistry. Amanda has worked and written press releases for pharmaceutical companies. Amanda is our go to science news writer and contributor.