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With economies soaring and many new and innovative investment products affording high returns, more and more people are interested in entering the world of financial investment. Of course, with this desire comes a need to educate themselves on the intricacies of investing using reputable sources. As this demand builds, these fledgling investors receive more recommendations to learn more about Stansberry Research, the noted publisher of financial information. This subscription-based purveyor of research and advice has already helped many find new insights in the world of investment. For those similarly interested in investment recommendations, read on to learn more about this company and its broad base of offerings.


Company Philosophies


To understand the various newsletters and recommendations produced by Stansberry Research, it helps first to take a look at the publisher’s guiding principles. Chief among these guidelines are the two core tenets regarding the types of advice they offer. First, they strive to provide their customers with the information they’d want to receive if their roles were reversed. This concept is rooted in the idea that Stansberry does not give advice lightly but instead truly understands that the recommendations they make could have a real and lasting impact in the lives of their readers. With that responsibility in mind, they work to present only information that they would want to hear.

The second tenet of the company’s core principles is that they only publish analysts whose advice and strategies they’d want their own families to read and follow. Once again, they formulated this guideline with the knowledge that, as a respected publisher, the company has a high level of credibility to uphold when presenting someone as an expert. With a readership base that looks to them to help decode the often confusing world of financial analysis, the company is well aware that they are beholden to put forth only the opinion of the brightest minds in the field.


Founding of the Company


The above principles stem from a commitment to quality that has existed at the company from its inception. Founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry, the publisher owed its early success to the high regard in which people held Porter himself. As the first American editor of the Fleet Street Letter, he made early waves with his insightful and forward-thinking predictions into the world of investment at large. Later, he earned praise for his prediction of the credit crisis. Barron found his ideas “remarkably prescient” and claimed that “nothing, as far as [they could]see, [had]happened to contradict his dire prophecy…”

From those early days, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, adding over twenty newsletters to its offerings over the years. Presently, the publisher boasts over 500,000 subscribers and 70,000-lifetime subscribers. These figures, arising from their lauded reputation and commitment to integrity, have establishedStansberry Research as one of the most well-respected publishers in the field today (Glassdoor).


Diversity of Opinion


The broad spectrum of editorial opinions it puts forth is one of Stansberry Research’s keys to success. Eschewing a need for each of its editors to act in lockstep, it instead focuses on accumulating highly-qualified professionals with a comprehensive foundation of knowledge in their respective specialties. The publisher also embraces differing opinions to give readers the full scope of information available on the market and to make sure they are as well-informed as possible.

In this vein, the editorial staff members come from all walks of life and cumulatively hold over 175 years of experience in financial analysis. Backgrounds of editors range from medicine to accounting to emerging technologies. With such a wide range of experience and specialization on staff, the publisher can best position itself for any shifts in the market and present an informed viewpoint on any eventuality.


Range of Newsletters


As with its editorial staff, Stansberry Research also seeks to offer diversity and breadth with the many newsletters it offers. Publication topics include retirement advice, commodities investment, U.S. and international economies. Not only does this range of topics allow the company to report on changes in any sector of the global economy, but it also allows subscribers to tailor their reading to the areas that interest them most.


Accountability and Focus


Although Stansberry Research is well-placed to offer recommendations on many different issues affecting the world today, it always seeks to focus on a long-term perspective whenever possible. Rather than impress in the short term with flashy claims and unsustainable recommendations, the company strives to build a rapport of trust with its readership. Once readers see that the company is delivering them lasting value, they feel more confident subscribing for the length of their investment needs and entering into a long-term commitment.

To build trust and credibility, the publisher also believes strongly in transparency concerning all investment advice. Instead of offering a cloud of opinions and then highlighting only the ones that have performed the best, the company works to publish a yearly account of all of its recommendations. Additionally, all of its newsletters regularly track their performance and present these reports in monthly issues to readers.

With the myriad of competing services in the world of financial advice, it is sometimes difficult to determine the most reliable and reputable voices in the field. For those seeking a purveyor of financial analysis that values not only solid research but also an ethical presentation of its own findings, Stansberry Research is a company worth exploring.


Download the Stansberry Research app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stansberry-research/id981886917?mt=8


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