How Ryan Seacrest Manages to Juggle Is Busy Lifestyle


For an individual, Ryan Seacrest manages to achieve quite a lot, on a day to day basis as well as on a yearly timeline. Seacrest is most well known for hosting the popular TV show American Idol as well as his On Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show, available on KIIS FM. In 2017, he began co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan, moving from his LA abode to adjust to life in New York at the age of 43.

Seacrest has won Emmy awards for his involvement in American Idol and for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in 2010. He has also won nominations for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host for the Live with Kelly and Ryan show in 2017. Additionally, Seacrest has his own skin care line with the Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish products. He has his own clothing line and in 2010 launched the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Ryan recounts how he manages his day with such a busy schedule to the New York Times on June 12th.

A Winning Routine

Ryan wakes up at 6AM, showers and shaves quickly with some facial moisturizer. As he is new to New York he is still adjusting his routine, and says he has to check the weather forecasts. He generally wears sweats, Uggs, a hoody and t-shirt when he wakes up. He then drinks a matcha followed by a coffee, not an altogether typical morning breakfast. Ryan is a fan of matcha tea and believes that his body benefits greatly from it.

Training Schedule

Exercise is a daily ritual for Ryan Seacrest, and he indicates that it is now an essential component to counterbalance an intense work schedule. He sometimes brings a personal trainer with him to keep him on his toes and has now started boxing with a coach. He exercises on a peloton bike before going to work and prefers running outside compared to running on a treadmill. Ryan no longer feels guilty about working out during business hours, compared to his earlier years.

Mental Management

Ryan consumes some news before his 7 minute commute to work, living in the Upper East Side. He reads the paper on the journey. He has now trained himself to prioritize material, and some items that come up are to be queued. Phone calls and interviews are only dealt with in the afternoon, and he indicates that he only has so much capacity to deal with certain things at certain times. Long term items are dealt with in the afternoon only, while things of lesser importance can be looked at earlier in the day. Ryan has a humous way of dealing with people, and says answering “yes” and “got it” will satisfy anyone, “got it“ being his favorite email response. To succeed in a career, people need to be able to use these phrases, according to Ryan Seacrest.

Enjoying Life

Ryan is mainly a vegan but loves to eat. Apparently, Ryan is only working so hard to “eat well and drink wine”, and would not otherwise enjoy life. He has a two hour meal Fridays and Saturdays, with a high quality bottle of wine.

Ryan has attention deficit disorder (ADD) and finds it difficult to meditate. The interview is said to be the first where Seacrest has opened up about his ADD. But it explains his actions at the 2015 Grammys, when he said: “Attention deficit disorder’s a good thing”. He has also gotten into the habit of leaving his phone alone and travelling without it, saying that life will go on whether he looks at it or not.

During the interview, Seacrest mentioned the influence that Dick Clark had on him before he passed on. The following quote from Clark has stuck with him:

‘When you’re a broadcaster and host, if every person who watches it thinks you make the job look easy and that it’s not that big of a deal to do it, then you’re doing it well.’

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