Organo Gold’s Place in the Coffee Culture Movement


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When you think of a truly niche, gourmet coffee scene, you probably think of cities like Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. These places have each established a reputation as leaders in the world of sophisticated coffee palates.

The Coffee Culture

Seattle is probably the best-known when it comes to a thriving coffee culture. The city is hip and cultured, and its coffee reflects that. Whether you’re a purist who wants to experience the best single-origin roast in town or someone who’s looking for the full, immersive “coffee educational experience,” Seattle has a storefront that meets your needs.

In Portland, the coffee scene is serious yet cozy. The city’s coffee culture is intimate and welcoming, whether you’re new to the world of gourmet coffee or a long-time connoisseur. Portland is home to a host of small, locally owned shops that often will even roast their own beans for a completely unique experience.



San Francisco is a hub for some of the most obsessive coffee lovers in the United States. The city and the surrounding areas are home to an incredibly diverse and exciting array of niche shops that each boast a special, unique brew. Whether you’re looking for a fancy, fussy espresso drink or a no-frills brew of the highest quality, San Francisco is your ultimate coffee destination.

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Organo Gold’s Contribution
You may be wondering how Organo Gold’s, now known simply as ORGANO, lineup of gourmet coffees fits in with the intense culture surrounding high-quality coffee and its enthusiasts.

Organo Gold has perfected the art of supercharged instant coffee so that even the most discerning palates have a difficult time distinguishing between our coffee and a niche drip brew. Our premium organic coffees are sourced from the absolute finest arabica beans and are specially chosen for their quality and taste. In addition, our coffees provide antioxidants and nutrients that many others lose during the roasting process.

We also know that not everyone has the time to wait for the perfect cup of coffee to percolate every morning, which is why we opted to craft our gourmet coffees into sachets of instant granules instead. The ease and convenience of portable, instant coffee that tastes just like it was brewed at your favorite local coffee shop is perfect for coffee lovers.

Our full line of coffees includes the light and mild Cafe Supreme, which not only features Ganoderma lucidum but also contains creamer, ginseng and Eurycoma longifolia, or Malaysian ginseng. We also offer the bold, rich Black Coffee and the robust, flavorful and organic King of Coffee, both of which are unflavored and ready for you to customize to your specific taste. There are also the cafe latte and mocha flavors, which combine arabica and robusta beans and come with cream and sweetener already included for a sweet, uplifting treat.

What Makes Our Coffees Different

In addition to the range of strengths and flavor profiles we offer in our coffee selection, Organo Gold is also the only, naturally grown coffee you’ll find with Ganoderma lucidum added in. Ganoderma lucidum, also commonly called the red reishi mushroom, adds a unique, mild flavor to the coffee while also providing a host of other benefits.

Ganoderma lucidum is a potent source of triterpenoids and amino acids, both of which are essential for living your best, healthiest life. This mushroom has been used in traditional Eastern medicines for thousands of years, and the name itself can be translated to “king of herbs.”

Triterpenoids are able to help support the body’s inflammatory response, which can leave you feeling better and more energized than a simple jolt of caffeine. They are also a major source of additional antioxidants and can help to support your immune system.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and other important substances like hormones and neurotransmitters. Amino acids are used in every system of your body to maintain optimal functionality, so getting a substantial dose in with your coffee each day can help your health tremendously.


About Organo Gold

Organo was launched in 2008 and has steadily grown in popularity for almost a decade. The company is a privately held corporation that sells not just coffee but teas, hot cocoa, weight management tools, health supplements, personal care items and products to help you reach your wellness and fitness goals.

The secret to the success of so many of Organo’s products is the prized Ganoderma lucidum that is added into products like our teas and coffees via our patented manufacturing processes. The potential health benefits of the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom are far-reaching, and we are so excited that it’s gaining attention in the Western world.

Currently, Organo operates in over 45 countries and is continuing to grow and expand with no signs of slowing down. Our world-class products have helped to transform countless lives, and we are industry leaders when it comes to helping our distributors reach their full potential.

We also feel that it is important to give back to our global community, which is why we are so passionate about the OG Cares Foundation. We partner with the OG Cares Foundation to invest in tools and resources that we believe will help to train the next generations of international leaders. Through the unwavering care and commitment our foundation members exhibit, we are able to complete projects that help to enrich the lives of children in need through education and opportunities for advancing beyond their circumstances. Currently, the OG Cares Foundation has held events in places like India, Nigeria, China, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States.

Organo believes that we are all part of a single, global family. In everything we do, we hope to help every member of our OG family grow, transform and blossom into the best version of yourself possible. If you believe you’re ready to transform your life, try Organo Gold coffee and taste how sweet life can be.

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