Lee May, UK Advisor to Beamridge Ltd, Uses Prosperous Career to Help Community


In the fast-paced world of real estate, there are numerous competitors all vying to make a name for themselves. With deals that can reach into the billions of pounds, the stakes are can be large and the personalities involved can be just as big. In order to get a better understanding of this fascinating industry, it is informative to take a look at one of its more successful participants, developer Lee May. He is a man whose life is instructive not just for his deft touch within the market, but also his focus on giving back to his community. Read on for an in-depth examination of his many activities in the world at large.


London Development


Though real estate is already a difficult business in which to succeed, there are few cities in the world as competitive as London. With a large urban population, a limited area for development, and an international profile that draws investors from around the world, it is a stage upon which some of the biggest dramas in real estate play out. It is here that Lee May started his professional operations and also was able to hone the edge of his business instincts.


Through a variety of deals, such as the recent development of 628 apartments in East London, or his recent securement of sites in Essex to develop over 1,000 units, he has risen to prominence within the field. These successes are perhaps unsurprising given that he has a goal of becoming one of the largest developers in South East London. While there are many who probably have similar goals, few have done as much as May to achieve their pursuits in this area. Not only has he brokered the above deals, and more, with an enviable business intuition, he has done so while eying a move into international markets as well.


Investment Abroad


Lee May’s international efforts have followed in the footsteps of his London developments in terms of their scope and complexity. In fact, as he has gained experience in his field through a passion for learning and hard work, his successes abroad have at times been focal points of his career. For instance, in a recent deal, he successfully partnered with a fund based out of Hong Kong to close on a joint venture valued at over £380 million. Not only was this deal groundbreaking in scale, it also put the property world on notice that one of London’s leading developers was branching out into international territories.


In the same vein as this success was another recent endeavor to develop a shopping mall in Canada. Here again, May brought his intellect to the considerable task of operating outside of his home country and navigating foreign building codes. In this instance, he has acquired a significant parcel of land to not only develop the mall on the property but to stay on as landlord and head the operations of the commercial complex once construction is complete. It is an understatement to say that this breadth of focus, as developer, landlord, and entrepreneur, is a rarity in real estate.


Charitable Efforts


Although an instinct for dealing in business is laudable, it is of course not the full measure of a person (JustGiving). This is a fact that Lee May understands intrinsically and it shows through in his commitment to his community. Though his plate is perennially filled with his work in real estate, he regularly makes the effort to contribute both time and resources to those less fortunate than he.


One of his focuses in this area is a commitment to aiding youth development so that young people can achieve their potential. An avid fan and practitioner of the sport of boxing, he can often be found at local gyms talking to the young trainees and advising them on the power of hard work and determination. Mindful of the hardship that can be found throughout urban areas, he is quick to offer pointers on entering the world of business and eschewing a life of crime. Through these efforts, he has been able to place himself as a mentor to many who look to him as an example of what can be achieved when one puts their mind to it.


In addition to his mentorship, May also donates considerable financial resources to these groups. He has sponsored charitable races focused on both road safety and combatting cancer. He has also sponsored events dedicated to amateur boxing clubs to ensure they have the resources needed to give trainees an equal footing in competition and life at large. He has plans in the near future to undertake a sponsored 100k race in order to raise £20,000 for the Nemesis Boxing Club. These funds will be used to purchase a new minibus to help shuttle boxers to and from tournaments.


Advising Companies


Along with all of the above activities, Lee May also finds the time to act as an advisor to the property development firm Beamridge. The company, which undertakes a variety of development, management, and acquisition projects, is one of the leading construction companies in London. With a commitment to quality, safety, and deliverables, the company recognizes the value provided by May’s extensive experience and has turned to him on a number of different projects. In this capacity, he is able to show once more that he has a knack for business success at the highest levels.


For those interested in the high-wire act of upper-tier business and commerce, the sprawling world of real estate and development is a fascinating case study. Replete with some of the world’s largest success and failures, it takes an intangible mix of grit, intelligence, and determination to rise above the industry’s noise and achieve one’s goals. That Lee May has been able to do just that for the many years of his career is a testament to his ability to operate on the largest of stages. By reading the above summary of his triumphs throughout the field, you should now have a better idea of the caliber of work ethic and dedication to community required to succeed at this level.

More about Lee May at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/lee-may


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