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Throughout life many find that the more we give to and prioritize others, the more we thrive. This is true for individuals helping those around them, and it is also true for companies looking to have a positive impact on the world through their offerings along with their charitable initiatives. This truth has been born out in the case of Custom Companies, a leader in the transportation industry that is known not only for commitment to its clients, but also its drive to give back to its community. Read on for a look at the ways in which the company works to ensure that those around it are feeling the benefits of its handwork and philanthropic worldview.


Company Overview


Founded in 1986 by Perry Mandera, Custom Companies was created as a full-service transportation company that would meet the wide range of needs of the modern shipping client. Though the company’s humble beginnings consisted of a fleet of only two trucks to start, it has grown precipitously over the more than thirty years since it was created. At present, the company’s equipment holdings number over two thousand and continue to expand to meet an ever-increasing demand for its services.

Even from those early beginnings, the focus of the company was on bettering the lives of others. Though efforts to increase the company’s capacity for shipping have been tireless, there has always been a focus on how its efforts could give back to its community as well. This philosophy, stemming in part from the founder’s roots in both the military and public office, wove itself so deeply into the way the company conducts business that it eventually necessitated the creation of a separate arm of the firm dedicated to charitable giving.


Charitable Work

The portion of the company concerned with giving back to its community came to be known as Custom Cares (LinkedIn). Through the organization, Custom Companies has focused on initiatives relating to youth development as well as athletic pursuits. To these ends, its has supported causes such as The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, as well as The Jesse White Tumblers. These partnerships have resulted in many efforts aimed at helping needy children and their families, such as winter coat drives that have provided 6,500 coats to children throughout the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

Other focuses of the company have included efforts to support veterans as well as those suffering from cancer. These initiatives have been drawn from the real-world experiences of those in charge of the charity as well as the clear and present need to support people in these communities. Partnerships in these areas have included work with The American Cancer Society, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Operation Support Our Troops.

Along with partnerships with traditional charitable organizations, the company also works to use the resources at its disposal to help aid disaster relief efforts when such a need arises. This work has involved contributing food and supplies in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Tornados, and California Wildfires. The company also aids these efforts by providing shipping services to transport its donations, as well as the donations of others, in order to make sure that relief supplies arrive in a timely and efficient manner.


Client Services


With the same focus as its charitable efforts, the company works to ensure its ability to serve clients is unparalleled in the field of full-service transportation. This focus on quality manifests in many ways but one clear way it can be seen is through the emphasis Custom Companies places on technological advancement. By providing clients with nothing but the most up to date technologies to aid their shipping efforts, it is able to ensure that those clients have more control over the way their goods are transported and ultimately the way their business is run. Though it is an oft-overlooked area of the modern economy, this drive to offer cutting-edge technology has singled out the company as a leader in its field through the example it has set.


Technologies Implemented


Though technological advancement permeates all aspects of the company’s business, much of its work lies in optimizing its equipment fleet as well as its software and web capabilities. For its fleet, the company integrates its equipment with its headquarters and docks through the use of tablet-based management software. This software allows drivers to more effectively plan pickups and deliveries while also allowing customers to track orders and plan around shipment schedules. These systems also help to coordinate inventory at warehouses and eliminate inefficiencies posed by misrouting of shipments. By bringing this level of technological advancement into the field, the company is taking an active role in empowering its clients to more fully control not only the means of shipment but the terms of how their shipments will be delivered.

Along with this focus on technology on the road, the company places a high priority on the web-based experience of its clients. This is evident first and foremost by its website, which was crafted based on feedback from customers as to how their needs could be better met. As a result, the website now includes a host of services that help clients track and monitor their shipments on a piece by piece basis. In addition, the software also provides extensive reporting services that help to track accounting, delivery reports, and numerous other aspects of the transportation process. This software plays an important part in allowing clients to formulate a cohesive transportation strategy along with the company.

While helping others is an important part of life in general, many companies lose sight of this need while they focus on their own business operations. Custom Companies, however, is a company that recognizes the need to use its efforts to help a wide range of people. This philosophy has been used to help clients better manage their businesses through a more informed and efficient transportation process. It has also contributed to the betterment of many in the company’s community through the creation of Custom Cares and its many collaborations with charities and non-profits. The positive results from these efforts make it clearer each day that a company-wide strategy of helping others is not just the right thing to do, it also helps build a firm that is better equipped to meet the challenges of the modern world.

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