4 Reasons Why Whitney Wolfe Herd Was Named Time’s “Person of the Year”


Thanks to advanced technology, more and more people have been meeting people online. In the world of online dating, there are many apps that try to make perfect matches.

However, few of these apps account for women’s safety and security. This is why Whitney Wolfe Herd created Bumble. This venture was revolutionary and gave women great control over the matchmaking process. Bumble allows people of both sexes to indicate an interest in dating, but only females can start conversations with others.

Today, Bumble is worth approximately $1 billion and is run by a majority of women. Due to Wolfe Herd’s efforts, she has been recognized by Time Magazine as a “Person of the Year” for 2018. The magazine has honored her for her ability to create a safer dating app that helps females avoid harassment.

Here is a closer look at her accomplishments throughout the past year.

Bumble Tackles Gun Control

Whitney Wolfe's Bumble Bans Guns
Whitney Wolfe Herd refuses to romanticize guns – banning photos with guns from her dating app Bumble.

People are constantly posting pictures of themselves on dating websites. Their profiles are supposed to represent what they enjoy doing. This may include fishing, sports, and similar activities. Certain people upload photos with their firearms. After the latest shootings around the country, especially the one in Parkland, Florida, gun control has become a hot topic.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken a stance that guns would not be romanticized on Bumble. She has started to enforce certain rules against posting photos of guns, knives, and other weapons on her company’s app. She has cut ties with the NRA and wants to create a place where individuals can visit without fears of feeling threatened. Besides changing her app, Wolfe Herd’s company donates to charities like March for Our Lives, an organization that helps students stage non-violent protests that support gun control.

Empowering Women

Since Bumble is run largely by a group of established women, it is fitting that the company has sponsored the LA Clippers, a team with female-dominated leadership. This is a great example of the country’s increasing efforts to advance workplace equality. This is the first time that a major professional team has ever joined forces with such a strong female-driven brand. As a result of this relationship, each player wears an “empowerment badge” to remind spectators that progression comes from joining various backgrounds and perspectives.

Bumble enjoys partnering with organizations that share its principles, especially when it comes to women’s equality. Whitney Wolfe Herd incorporates her company’s values into its marketing efforts. She purchases advertising from firms that help young women gain success.

Breaking Up With Facebook

Like other dating apps, Bumble once required a user to obtain a Facebook account. This helped to verify identities and to group singles according to interests and hobbies. However, after the recent questionable behavior of Facebook’s handling of members’ data, Wolfe plans to cut ties with the social media giant. Bumble places users’ privacy as a top priority, so it is initiating another way for individuals to register. It has already allowed users to bypass third-party sites and to use their phone numbers as a means to gain access to Bumble. This prevents anyone from gaining personal information from users of the app.

Going Head-to-Head with Match Group

Match Group is a parent company to certain dating apps, including Tinder. It recently made a failed attempt to purchase Bumble and filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the woman-empowering company. Match claims that Bumble uses the swipe-to-connect patent, which was originated by Tinder. Also, Match’s legal team has made claims that two of Bumble’s executives stole sensitive company information when they worked for Tinder and used it to benefit their latest employer.

Whitney Wolfe did not take this legal matter sitting down. In response to the accusations, she placed full-paged ads in national newspapers, which contained an open letter that discussed her company’s point of view. She suggested that the lawsuit was an attack after multiple failed attempts from Match to buy Bumble. She stated, “We swipe left on your efforts to buy Bumble, to copy Bumble, and to intimidate us. No matter how much that you offer, we won’t compromise on our values.” Her words show that Bumble is dedicated to protecting its users. It will always respect equality and positivity in the dating world and beyond.

Whitney Wolfe is not afraid to back her beliefs with actions. Over the years, Bumble has continually grown and expanded. Today, it offers the ability to find dates and friends. Wolfe Herd is open to the possibility of forming an IPO so that Bumble is taken to the next level. No matter what the future holds, she assures the public that user satisfaction and protection will always.

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