Waiakea Water: A Conscious Beverage Brand on a Mission


Conscious entrepreneurship is hard to come by. Waiakea, a Hawaiian volcanic water bottle company, has worked hard from the start to be a company and brand that focuses on environmental and ethical awareness, implementing a triple-bottom-line platform that emphasizes people and planet.

From its design to sourcing, there is consistently a strong emphasis on creating a product that is engineered to have as little impact on the planet as possible while delivering the highest value for its customers.

Waiakea water, founded in 2012, was the first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple-bottom-line premium water. From the start, Waiakea strived to design a lifestyle brand which concentrated on sustainability, ethics, meaningfulness, and of course, delivering a high-quality product. These values are what led it to become the most awarded beverage company in North America in 2015. Since then, it has continued to build on these concepts to become an important power player in the philanthropic world.

A lot of thought goes into that one simple bottle of Hawaiian volcanic water that quenches your thirst. Sometimes it can seem hard to believe that companies that care actually exist. However, Waiakea Water is keen on being responsible and accountable for the land that nourishes it.

The Water

Waiakea Water is Naturally Alkaline and Sustainably Sourced

Something that is constantly at the top of consumers’ minds is where Waiakea Water comes from. Does it really come from Hawaii? The short answer is: well, of course! Waiakea’s Hawaiian volcanic water is sourced from the southwest region of Hawaii, close to quiet Hilo town, and at the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano, just 2,400 miles from the nearest industrial landmass. The area is peaceful and completely isolated.

The slopes nourishing the Kea’au aquifer captures over 200 inches of pure rainwater and snowmelt each year. This makes for a daily sustainable yield of 393 million gallons per day. This technically means that Waiakea’s source could provide enough water in a month to satisfy the amount of water that is consumed globally within a year.

Waiakea uses an unparalleled volcanic filtration process. The water collected is naturally processed through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano’s porous volcanic rock. This ensures that the water is enriched with minerals and electrolytes, essentially making Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water one of the most naturally alkaline waters in the world.

Why should you be drinking enriched water? To put it simply, electrolytes are charged molecules that help support the balance of fluids in the body. Our bodies rely on electrolytes for cell membrane stability and to carry the electrical energy in our bodies for use in various functions.

Plus, Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water is a naturally alkaline water. Artificial alkaline water tends to trick your body into thinking that it is receiving more alkaline minerals than it actually is. Waiakea is proud to be one of the most naturally alkaline waters in the world. That means that there are absolutely no artificial processes, as well as no decrease in pH over time.

Waiakea Water also contains the recommended daily intake of silica, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and superiorly smooth taste. This mineral blend also contributes to Waiakea Water’s high pH that it is widely known for.

The Bottle

The Bottle that Holds Waiakea Water is Unlike Any Other

Waiakea engineered an exclusive high-grade 100% Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) bottle that the company is very proud of. This is also the optimal packaging for protecting the supreme quality of its Hawaiian volcanic water.  The RPET bottle minimizes Waiakea’s environmental impact and has lowered its carbon footprint. It is BPA-free, conforms to all of the FDA’s requirements, and has received the required FDA Title 21 certifications.

Waiakea’s water source could provide enough water in a month to satisfy the amount of water that is consumed globally in a year. However, the manufacturing process for its bottles takes less than .0001 of 1% of this amount of water. Company transparency is clearly extremely important to its ‘Ohana.’

Waiakea Water has adopted the most important pillars of Hawaiian life into its business. This includes its commitment to respecting and caring for the land that it sources its water from, as well as the rest of the world. This is shown by Waiakea’s commitment to its ethos of ‘Healthy, Sustainable and Ethical’, and is the primary reason why the company uses 100% RPET.

RPET is made of unique recycled material that has big environmental advantages. Compared to regular or virgin plastic bottles, 100% RPET bottles use 85% less energy, and 90% less water to manufacture. It also reduces the standard carbon emission by 90%. Additionally, the company only uses the highest-quality RPET to make the beautiful bottles that hold Waiakea’s Hawaiian volcanic water.

RPET can also be fully recycled, and even transformed into a number of other products. Reduce, reuse, and enjoy! Various other products are made with RPET including food and beverage packages, apparel, carpets, automotive parts, and construction materials. That is why Waiakea Water also encourages customers to recycle every single bottle after use.

Currently, Waiakea has set its sights on making its products even more sustainable. It is looking into new ways to harness renewable bio-polymers that will hopefully make for a fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable end-of-life option for its bottles. That is true dedication to safe and planet-friendly water.

The Transportation Process

Even the Transportation Process for Waiakea Water is Environmentally Conscious

If the above hasn’t been enough to enlighten you on the unique path Waiakea Water is taking, the company uses low-emission shipping for transporting each and every bottle. Over the years it has worked tirelessly with CarbonNeutral® and Ecometrica, two of the world’s leading emissions consultants, to ensure that it is on the right path to a fully-sustainable product. Waiakea is the first premium bottled water of its kind to be certified CarbonNeutral.

Waiakea Water is proud of the fact that 33% of its energy use is renewable, 25% of which is geothermal, which is then used for all of its sourcing operations. This sustainable yield and source use is integral to Hawaii’s conservation, which Waiakea is diligently committed to.

Waiakea has taken the responsibility to measure and reduce the environmental impact of both the company and its products to net zero. Not very many water companies can say the same.

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