What Makes OneLogin Such An Easy Business SSO Solution



One of the biggest challenges of a growing company is managing every employee’s cloud-based app access. You want to make access to your company’s internal apps easy to use, yet secure. And for many businesses, trying to solve this problem can cause more headaches than it can help. Recently, a new type of service is allowing employees to easily access a company’s suite of cloud-based apps. That service is known as secure Single Sign-On (SSO).


What is SSO?

SSO allows one-click access to a company’s complete suite of apps behind a secure firewall. Since most companies are now keeping their suite of apps on cloud-based computing, using an SSO service makes sense. The SSO solution is simply the best way to keep employees online to a company’s information while keeping that information secure.


Why Does Every Company Need SSO?

Every company needs an SSO because this service cuts down on time and cost. Imagine if one employee had to keep five or six different passwords on hand for five or different cloud-based company apps. A company would have to keep someone on staff simply to handle the password retrieval process.

Also, SSO is compatible with any type of service. Right now, SSO is being used at companies specializing in retail, manufacturing, and legal services. SSO is also used at many educational institutions or just about anywhere that requires cloud-based access by a number of people.


SSO is also easily scalable. For instance, if a company has only six cloud-based apps, the employees only to need to know one of their personal passwords. If the company decides to add 20 or 30 more apps, that one password doesn’t need to change. Additionally, if the company begins to add staff, the SSO service doesn’t need to be radically upgraded. The right SSO service is designed to grow with a company.


Why OneLogin Is the best SSO service

OneLogin specializes in helping any company or organization get their employees online with one set of credentials. And the service executes this service with a powerful firewall to ensure to protect the client’s cloud-based apps. The client is also able to modify the credentials to make the passwords as complex as desired. Additionally, the password policy can be modified to allow for restrictions on password reuse and also allow for extra features such as session time-out and reset self-service. Quite simply, OneLogin has made the most flexible SSO service possible.


OneLogin Product Features

OneLogin provides one of the most extensive sets of features for their SSO service:

App Catalog – OneLogin provides a library of over 5,000 apps, including popular productivity tools from Microsoft and Google. Some of the apps provided by OneLogin include Office 365, Workday, G Suite, Service Now and bmc remedyforce. You can find a more extensive list here.

Unified Directory – Allows for an easy way to manage users and access controls. You can even add custom user fields to adjust the directory to your liking.

User Provisioning – A streamlined way to control access to specific apps. User provisioning can enact changes in the Active Directory in seconds.

Virtual LDAP – OneLogin is the only cloud identity solution that provides a Virtual LDAP service. This service makes it easy to unify multiple corporate directories that can help provide apps and devices to more employees. This service will also help provide secure access to wi-fi, VPN, SSH and cloud applications.

Web Access Management – Ths software solution helps integrate corporate web servers with commercial and custom web applications. You can now integrate web apps such as Oracle PeopleSoft with little to no coding.


Easy Next Steps

To learn more about the amazing SSO solutions provided by OneLogin, visit their site and learn how to easily and securely give your entire company access to thousands of productivity apps.


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