Benefits of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Practiced by Dr. Dov Rand


As patients become ever-more empowered to take ownership of their healthcare decisions, many are finding that they prefer to seek out providers that direct their practices towards the most progressive approaches available. Often times in this search, patients find themselves dissatisfied with doctors that rely almost exclusively on prescription medicine or “an all or nothing” pursuit of a cure. Through those realizations, more and more individuals are finding the benefit of seeking the care of a doctor trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Read on for a closer look at this continuously growing field as well as one of its most well-respected practitioners, Dr. Dov Rand.


Practice Background


Before exploring the specifics of the field, it’s helpful to take a look at its founding principles and history to gain an appreciation of what it can offer modern patients. The American Board of Physical Medicine was officially incorporated in 1947. In contrast with most medical practitioners at that time, and to this day, the field came into being with a primary focus on aiming to restore and enhance functional ability along with the quality of life. Rather than seek a cure for the conditions they treat, practitioners often work with patients towards building independence and enjoyment in their daily life.


By their nature, practitioners are trained in a variety of comprehensive techniques that integrate treatment options that often span various areas of medicine. Practitioners operate in both inpatient and outpatient settings, work with patients of all ages, and utilize a combination of time-tested and cutting-edge techniques. Since the conditions they treat often stem from a variety of causes, practitioners’ broad range of knowledge can involve education in many of the body’s systems including the musculoskeletal, rheumatological, neurological, and cardiovascular system.


Progressive Training


To fully appreciate the benefits that a practitioner of physical medicine and rehabilitation can bring to their clients, we’ll take a look at Dr. Dov Rand, founder and medical director of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His work in the field has earned him numerous accolades from patients and colleagues alike and his practice is constantly updating its methods to keep pace with the latest scientific studies. In this pursuit, he relies exclusively on peer-reviewed findings based on factual evidence, so that his patients can be assured that their treatment options will be based only on sound medical research.


One of the overarching goals of Dov’s medical centers is to help his patients achieve optimum healthy aging. This is accomplished through methods that promote health and vitality and combat disease. In his pursuits, he also works to model behaviors that help achieve these ends, firmly believing in an all-encompassing approach to health (NewJerseyIVTherapy). To support these efforts he maintains an active and healthy lifestyle that employs the use of high-quality supplements, healthy eating, cardiovascular training, martial arts, and yoga. Those patients who learn to integrate these lifestyle choices into their own lives see innumerable benefits that help support the clinical treatments they receive from his medical centers.


Range of Treatments


The list of specific ailments that practitioners of physical medicine and rehabilitation treat is extensive. Broadly speaking, one of the focuses of the field is the treatment of physical impairments or disabilities. These are typically related to nerves, bones, joints, the spinal cord, the brain, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.


The types of conditions and context of service for a practitioner is often heavily influenced by whether they practice in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Inpatient practitioners typically see diagnosis related to stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, polio, burn care, multiple sclerosis, and pediatric rehabilitation. Owing in part to their role as a medical professional in a larger facility, these practitioners are typically trained with a focus on collaboration with the rest of the facility’s medical team and often work with social workers or other health therapists to manage a patient’s condition.


Conversely, outpatient practitioners are more likely to treat conditions that are nonsurgical in nature and can span issues like overuse syndromes, spasticity management, chronic pain, occupational injuries, orthopedic injuries, and spine-related dysfunction. These practitioners are often part of groups that span multiple disciplines and may partner with surgical professionals for effective treatments.


Specialty Training


In his own practice, Dr. Dov Rand employs a variety of treatment options that avail patients of some of the latest breakthroughs in progressive medical science. To this end, he is trained in medical acupuncture and employs the latest protocols to offer intravenous vitamin therapy at his medical centers. One of the focuses of his work is age management, a topic on which he speaks at numerous conferences annually. He also runs webinar courses and creates literature to help train other medical professionals who are interested in exploring his knowledge of age management medicine.


A specific focus of Rand’s practice is his work to utilize bioidentical hormone therapy. This treatment is conducted in contrast to many other health professionals who employ the use of synthetic hormones that are not matched to the hormone’s produced naturally by a patient’s body. By working with bioidentical hormones, his practice is able to assist patients with a variety of afflictions that have been associated with hormonal causes. Some of these ailments include tooth decay, heart disease, and breast cancer. The practice helps replenish a body’s store of natural hormones, which tend to drop over time as we age.


With the increased modern ability to self-educate and make informed choices about one’s own healthcare comes with a plethora of different information sources that steer patients in many directions. When considering treatment options, it’s important for individuals to look to proven methods that have a well-documented body of success behind their methods. Such methods form the basis of the medical centers run by Dr. Dov Rand, as well as the general practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation. By taking a look at the above summary of some of the methodologies involved in the field, patients will be able to make more informed choices about their own treatment options moving forward.


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