The Best Features of Teravista Golf Club in Austin, Texas


Choosing a golf course in the Austin area can be difficult depending on what kind of course you are looking for. Teravista Golf Club is one the best golf courses near Austin, Texas that offers both a challenging course along with great amenities. Be sure to look for these 5 best features of a golf course for your next day out on the green:

Golf Course Condition

One of the biggest and easiest things to spot on a golf course is the condition of the course itself. You’ll notice that most courses spend a lot of time, and money, on making sure that their greens are in superb condition. Teravista Golf Club offers a beautiful course with a high degree of professionalism in how they keep their course maintained.


Understanding which direction the holes play at your favorite golf course is important to creating a great game of golf. Each course is specifically designed depending on how the wind usually hits the course. Better courses will offer multiple routes that you can hit the ball depending on every wind condition. Teravista is a Clifton-Ezell-Clifton design course that has been recently deemed a course that is great for beginners. The routes wind through the best Texas Hill Country that the state has to offer.



Golf courses are specifically designed with certain play in mind. Water hazards, bunkers, and slopes are all usually angled a certain way to reward the risk of approaching them. Great golf courses will have smart designs like this that help the playability of the course as well as offer rewards for clear shots in beyond the green complexes. Steer clear of those courses that just don’t make sense in how they are designed which will cause you not only shots but also make your day of golf less rewarding.


Many golf courses in the Austin, Texas area are closed on Mondays which can hinder those long weekends or those golfers who have Mondays off. Teravista is one of the few courses in the area that is open 7 days a week which provides golfers plenty of opportunities to play a round when it works for their schedule. Teravista also offers easy tee time reservations that can be made on your smart phone in order to quickly and easily plan your next golf outing during a busy week.


When playing golf you are going to want to have holes that are different to help strengthen your golf game. A course that has too many holes that are alike is not only boring but it hinders your golf skills and gives you a disadvantage when playing other courses in the area. Good courses have a mix of straight holes, doglegs, and long and short greens that allow for play in every direction. Being able to mix up your golf experience by using different holes provides variety to your golf game and ultimately makes you a better golfer overall.

Choosing a golf course in the Austin area is best when considering these items that make up a great course. Teravista offers great routes, a variety of holes, and greens that are great condition year round. A quality golf course also provides great design and enough availability to keep golfers always coming back for more.


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