Crypto Update from Around the World, with Insights from Jordan Lindsey


Bitcoin and the blockchain came into existence just nine years ago. While it has captivated people from the start, in the beginning only early adopters, like seasoned forex investor Jordan Lindsey, really believed in its potential. Lindsey, with years of experience in currency markets, understood Bitcoin’s potential quite early.

But the average person most likely hadn’t even heard of Bitcoin when it was just starting out. Fast forward to today and the world is abuzz with cryptocurrency news. Novices and experts alike keep a keen eye on the cryptocurrency world to see what is going to happen next.

The interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies comes with good reason. The technology underlying crypto gives it the potential to change global business. This kind of change leads to a lot of money changing hands. Bitcoin hit an astronomical high of $20,000 last December and while the prices have come down significantly, the interest in crypto has not.

Unlike those early days of anonymity, things are changing extremely fast in the crypto world. Keeping up with global changes requires vigilance. Fortunately for you, here’s a summary of some of the latest cryptocurrency news:

Central Bank of Kazakhstan Wants to Ban Crypto

The chairman of the Central Bank in Kazakhstan wants to take a strict line on cryptocurrencies and ban them from the country. The desire to ban cryptocurrencies stems from the fear of crypto being used for money laundering and tax evasion. However, as of right now, Kazakhstan doesn’t have any legislation in place to actually ban crypto.

The fear of crypto being used for illicit purposes is nothing new. Because most cryptocurrencies don’t rely on a central authority, they provide anonymity. While this certainly has its benefits, many are afraid that criminals can use cryptocurrency to circumvent laws.

As cryptocurrency becomes more and more mainstream, this is an issue that will have to be addressed. Lawmakers and regulators are going to worry about the criminal use of cryptocurrency until that issue is handled. This may scare off some investors, but Jordan Lindsey emphasizes the importance of taking the long view when it comes to crypto. Cryptocurrency’s enormous potential to change the global economy means that efforts to block the use of crypto are likely to be met with intense pushback from the capital markets.

AirAsia Planning to Use Cryptocurrency in Rewards Program

AirAsia has announced that it will turn its frequent flyers program into a crypto platform called BigCoin. Consumers will be able to upgrade seats, purchase tickets and food on flights using the platform.

This is another exciting development in the cryptocurrency world. As coins become more and popular worldwide, different businesses are adopting them for a wide variety of uses. This adoption is a testament to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and provides an avenue for the average person to become more acquainted with how cryptocurrency works.

Businesses look to push themselves ahead by making innovations that improve the customer experience. Cryptocurrency could be a great solution to making airline rewards more efficient. We’ll see if this kind of rewards program will become standard in the years to come.

Similar conveniences provided by emerging blockchain technologies are evident in solutions like the Bitcoin Growth Bot, invented by Jordan Lindsey. This platform makes investing in Bitcoin more accessible to the average investor.

Telegram ICO Raises 1.7 Billion

According to an SEC Form D filed by the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, Telegram’s initial coin offering (ICO) recently raised 850 million dollars and then an additional 850 million dollars, bringing the total to 1.7 billion. Telegram may still raise even more money as the form states that Telegram could offer one or more additional filings. The minimum investment accepted was one million dollars.

This high priced ICO by Telegram highlights the excitement in the cryptocurrency sphere. Investors everywhere understand the enormous potential applications of new cutting-edge cryptocurrencies. An ICO is a simple agreement for future tokens investment. These particular funds will be used to develop the Telegram Open Network—a new blockchain aimed at decentralizing digital communication.

Many think Telegram has the capability to overtake the popular messaging service WhatsApp. Right now, Telegram boasts an approach similar to Snapchat with disappearing messages. The messages can be set to last a wide variety of times before they disappear.

This is another example of a brand embracing cryptocurrency technology and having a lot of success doing so. Telegram has been catching up to WhatsApp in popularity recently. The acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, as well as the recent glitch in WhatsApp, have only led more people to use an alternative messaging service. This ICO shows that people everywhere are extremely excited about the possibilities of Telegram using blockchain to augment their services.

Bitcoin Hits 50-Day Low

Bitcoin has hit a new 50-day low point this week at $6,630. However, some experts are saying this could be the end of the sell-off. The most popular cryptocurrency has seen a massive drop from its December high of $20,000 and yet experts are hopeful that things could turn around soon.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency suffering right now. The top cryptos are all seeing a distinct drop in price, as ethereum, ripple, and bitcoin cash continue to dip. While prices may be going down, it is certainly not a sign of the end of crypto.

The reality is that money was flooding the market because of the excitement surrounding crypto. Cryptocurrencies still have huge potential to make a global impact. As more and more business adopt cryptocurrency it will only become more coveted and accepted worldwide. Cryptocurrency prices may be dropping at the moment, but they are still much higher than they were at this time a year ago.

Take the Long View

When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, Jordan Lindsey advises cryptocurrency investors on his YouTube channel to take the long view.

It might be tempting to only chase ideas that promise to make you a millionaire tomorrow, but real success takes patience.  Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies may be seeing a price hit now, but they are becoming more and more mainstream.

We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the potential uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The sheer number of potential applications means it will take a long time to see exactly how things are going to shake out. Learn about crypto and blockchain with the goal of becoming a more informed investor and consumer. A solid understanding of crypto and its places in the global market will allow you to make well-informed investment decisions.


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