Andy Wirth – Impact on Squaw Valley USA Leaves Lasting Impression


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When Andy Wirth was hired at Squaw Valley USA as Chief Executive Officer over eight years ago, the impact that would be felt on the ski resort was immediately felt.

Dedicated, serving of the community and a true mentor in every sense of the word, Wirth was surely ready to take on the challenge from the very beginning back in 2010. As Wirth departs Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp, the ski resort is sure to miss him.

Wirth rose to become a true leader in the marketing community, with a clear passion and particular interest in resort communities. Beginning as a marketing intern at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. back in 1986, he rose to become Senior VP of Sales and Marketing within the same corporation due to a true focused and inspiring work ethic.

Andy Wirth Ski Resort Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp, a family ski resort and Colorado vacation destination, is Colorado’s premier resort for mountain getaways. Wirth was dedicated to bringing economic success to the Yampa Valley, and the results he delivered truly spoke for themselves. Thanks, in large part, to his predecessors – Kent Myers, Rod Hanna and Charlie Mayfield, Wirth truly turned associations around from a financial perspective, moving the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club from a dire financial situation to that of a healthy one, while working with organizations and associations like the Mountain Business Association, Routt County 4-H, the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Marketing Committee and so much more.

When Wirth moved to Squaw Valley USA in 2010, he became the true leader and head of this Lake Tahoe ski resort. He is sure to acknowledge and feel a deep sense of gratitude and pride for such successful work, deploying many initiatives such as the acquisition of Alpine Meadows, deploying nearly $100 million in capital, and also advancing the project around the California Express Gondola.

Squaw Valley Andy Wirth
The freshly branded “California Express” gondola is targeted to open ahead of the 2019-20 winter season.

With a legacy behind him, Wirth announced that he has made the decision to retire, in an effort to spend more time with his family and focus on passion projects, such as working with the wounded warriors and various environmental causes.

Although Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, through the Alterra Mountain Company, will announce new leadership in the upcoming time, Ron Cohen – Alterra Deputy General Counsel – will be serving as the Interim President and Chief Operating Officer in the meantime.

In pending retirement, Wirth truly leaves an enviable legacy. His work with Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. saw the development of an impressive air program that increased the number of ski season flights from major airports to the Yampa Valley, while his work as Chief Operating Officer with the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows brought a significant long-term impact to the resort.

Wirth’s marketing savvy business approach and passion for business, with an optimism for change and success, inspired all those around him, not only immediately on his team, but those throughout each of the ski resorts and organizations he worked with. Developing unique brands within each marketplace, both in Colorado and Lake Tahoe, Wirth was able to establish such resort communities as some of the best in the United States.

With a renewed focus on passion projects and family, Wirth will be sure to miss Squaw Valley USA and vice versa, Squaw Valley is sure to miss him. Developing dreams of so many and creating lifetime memories for families and friends alike, Wirth had the ability to transform Squaw Valley USA before our eyes. New leadership is sure to have big shoes to fill, and Wirth’s legacy is sure to be felt for decades to come.


  1. I always enjoyed going to Squaw when Andy was there. I’m wondering what’s next for the resort. He really made a big difference. A top-notch guy.


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