Waiakea Water Cares: How One Bottled Water Company is Changing an Industry


Most companies eye their success by looking at the bottom line. They ask themselves two questions. Are they in the black or the red? How much are the profits that are coming in? It is hard to disagree with these essential business questions though. If they aren’t making any money, then it will be tough to keep their doors open.

However, there are many companies that profit at the expense of the environment and the people around them. They value the almighty dollar much more than anything else. It is one thing to be making a bit of money, but it is another to be ruining things around you to do it. Too many large companies don’t do enough in protecting the world from pollution. They also do not give back to others like they should.

There are some companies that do put the state of the world up there next to the success of their business. They realize there is no honor in making money by adding to others’ misery. Waiakea Water is just one of these companies.

Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water has an interesting story to its beginning. Ryan Emmons was a college student at the time in 2011 and was visiting his uncle’s in Hawaii. Hawaii is well-known as one of the most beautiful places in the world and also one of the cleanest. Emmons was outside his uncle’s house when he decided to get a drink from his well. He quickly realized that it was the best tasting water he had ever had. It was very smooth and had a bit of a sweet taste to it. At the time, he thought that this water was much better than even any bottled water he had ever tasted. Then an idea occurred to him. Emmons thought that he should take this water that he was loving, bottle it, and sell it as a new bottled water to the masses. He felt that others would have the same reaction he did when first drinking the interesting water.

This led to Emmons pursuing his business idea. In 2012, Waiakea Water officially launched. He chose the name from the Hawaiian word Waiakea because its meaning of “broad waters”. It sort of goes hand in hand with his new product.

What makes Waiakea Water extra interesting to the average person buying bottled water is that it is volcanic water. Seeing “volcanic water” mentioned on any label is bound to attract someone’s interest. The way they attain their water is perhaps their best marketing strategy. Melted snow and rain start off near the top of the volcano and then slowly seeps through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The rock acts as nature’s filter and also provides the water with electrolytes, essential minerals, and leaves it slightly alkaline.

The story behind their water is much better than most bottled water brands. In fact, 45 percent of bottled waters is just normal tap water being strained through a filter. Then they mark the price up 2,000 percent and sell it back to you. You would be much better off getting your own $20 filter at the local store and attaching it to your kitchen faucet. You would be saving hundreds of dollars a year from not having to purchase bottled water from those companies.

For most, bottled water is a luxury and not a need. This is because unless you are living in a third world country or in some other rare region, tap water is perfectly fine for you. In fact, the plastic bottles that most beverage companies use are virgin plastic. This means that they are not using any recycled plastic in their manufacturing. Why is this important? Our lands and oceans are being heavily polluted with plastic. It is toxic to animals and our environment. Only 20 percent of all plastic actually gets recycled in the first place. This means there are billions of tons of plastic littering our world. The most deadly part is that it takes a normal plastic bottle 1,500 years to fully decompose on its own.

However, once again, this is where Waiakea steps up to the plate. They use 100 percent recycled plastic in their manufacturing. It costs a bit more to do, but they absorb the expense. They also use a nano-additive in the manufacturing called TimePlast. Not many people have heard of this, but if people and companies care, it should revolutionize the plastic industry. TimePlast, when added to plastic during the manufacturing process, allows the plastic bottle to fully decompose on its own in only 15 years instead of the 1,500 years it would take otherwise. Waiakea Water spends a little extra to ensure that they are not polluting the environment as best as they can. Wouldn’t it be amazing, and the right thing to do, if all beverage and food containers were created using this nano-additive? If they don’t, people should really start to consider boycotting them entirely until they do.

Lastly, Waiakea Water believes in helping others. Emmons didn’t want to start just a company that was concerned about every dollar, he wanted to give back as much as possible. Waiakea Water has been growing immensely year to year since 2012 and they have been showing their gratitude. For every one liter that is sold of Waiakea Water, they donate 650 liters to one of those regions that does not have access to clean water of their own. In fact, they have donated over 1 billion liters of clean water to Africa alone.

As people become more aware of the consequences of our actions on this planet, we need to be held to a much higher degree of responsibility. Companies that use oceans and lakes as their dumping grounds need to be called out in the press. In return, we need to support those businesses, like Waiakea Water, that are trying to make the world a better place. The change starts with all of you.

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