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The last decade has been a wild ride for movers in the healthcare industry like Innovacare Health. From the implementation of the Affordable Care Act to breathtaking innovations in medical technology, healthcare consumers have a plethora of options before them as they ponder health decisions, while providers like Innovacare Health are increasingly tasked with delivering services in an affordable and effective way. On the political front, movement in ideologies like family planning impact both consumers and providers, reinforcing volatility in costs at all levels of care.


Movement in New Jersey


In New Jersey, like all states, healthcare policies remain highly politicized. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a law expanding funding for family planning services that both impacts New Jersey citizens and companies like Innovacare Health that help deliver services. As reported by Colorlines, NJ A2134 allots $7.5 million in New Jersey’s state budget to the New Jersey Department of Health for family planning services. NJ A2134 funds family planning services through Planned Parenthood and other clinics.[1] The law also offers provisions for the “treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screenings and birth control.”[2]


“Today we are saying in a clear voice that New Jersey will once again stand for the right things,” Governor Murphy told New Jersey Citizens, adding, “New Jersey will once again stand up for women’s health.”[3] While the politics of healthcare is always a conversation topic in New Jersey, the movement from recently held positions has been sweeping since the departure of former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. “I think it was a cautionary tale of what happens when people in elected office put their politics ahead of women’s health care,” notes Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, “and we’re here today to say no more in New Jersey and no more across the United States of America.”[4] Nicholas Pugliese of notes that former governor Christie’s moves on healthcare for New Jersey residents received mixed reviews. “Christie, whose decision to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act benefited thousands of families, also argued that the state’s federal qualified health centers could meet the needs of the women who were served by the closed centers. All the while, according to the state Department of Health, family planning clinics in New Jersey were receiving $8.4 million a year in federal funds and another $2.1 million from the department.”[5] For Governor Murphy and his coalition of supporters, the implementation of new healthcare provisions signal a movement beyond “politics as usual.” In Murphy’s view, the recent bill signing now signals that “the era of putting personal politics before the needs of countless thousands of New Jersians is over. If there is a motto we can ascribe to you, I think it is this: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, and try, try, try, and try and try again.”[6]


Medicaid Expansion


One of the most impactful provisions of New Jersey’s healthcare expansion focuses on services provided to low income families. A second bill signed into law by Governor Murphy, NJ A1656, extends Medicaid eligibility for assorted family planning services to individuals with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty line; the predecessor law provided services for individuals with incomes up to 100 percent of the poverty line. [7]For providers like Innovacare Health, the ability to offer comprehensive Medicaid plans to a greater swath of families is essential in the delivery of timely and effective medicine. Governor Murphy agrees, while also moving to loosen some of the restrictions that were in place that prevented some low-income women from obtaining “long-acting reversible contraceptives immediately after childbirth.”[8]  “Today we are saying in a clear voice that New Jersey will once again stand for the right things,” Murphy announced to lawmakers and constituents upon signing the bill, adding, “New Jersey will once again stand up for women’s health.”[9] Innovacare Health and similar companies will be called upon to help deliver the services the changes New Jersey law now pass on to consumers.


According to research conducted by Planned Parenthood, expansion of Medicaid is timely for New Jersey residents. A 2017 report conducted by Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey found significant change in the state of women’s health in the period between 2009 and 2013. The report stated, “Cancer cases increased 5.2 percent among all women in New Jersey, 6.6 percent among African American women—and an astounding 25.1 percent amongst Latinas.”[10]




The challenge and opportunity for healthcare providers like Innovacare Health is giving consumers, clinics, and larger providers the support they will need to implement the expansions in New Jersey’s healthcare provisions. Because Innovacare Health is already well-regarded among insurance holders, practices, and other healthcare interties, implementation should move quickly.



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