Evergreen Healthcare Led by Drew Madden Welcomes New Team Member


Perhaps the fastest growing element of the healthcare industry is related to technology and IT. More and more practical, innovative solutions continue to become available each year, allowing healthcare providers the ability to better manage and share their important patient data, even in real time. So it is no wonder that Managing Partner Drew Madden says Evergreen Healthcare Partners is seeing continued growth.


Drew Madden, a co-Founder of the up-and-coming healthcare consulting firm, Evergreen Healthcare, has a long history of experience within the field of healthcare-related IT, innovative team building and management, as well as with experience with implementing a wide range of different healthcare solution lines.


The firm brings together a wider range of different types of talent, experience, and expertise, bringing their customers cutting edge consulting services to help them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developing and implementing the right type of healthcare technology and platforms that will work best for their needs.


What Drew Madden and his colleagues have been striving to do is provide clear, concise, and compelling consulting services to healthcare providers, large and small, providing personalized solutions for whatever their unique, individual needs might be.


A great fit for Evergreen, Drew Madden has years of experience working within the field of Electronic Medical Records and the various ways of implementing and making use of all this data. Additionally, he is also passionate about bringing together the best and brightest talent to provide an increasingly sophisticated range of consulting services for their client base.


Drew Madden and his fellow Founding Partners, Rebecca Bottorff, Jeff Leach, and Aaron Friedman have been quite successful in their endeavors, growing the new company significantly over the past year of operation. Evergreen Healthcare Partners recently announced the addition of a new hire at the company in a move that will allow Evergreen to further diversify their offerings and provide a broader range of services for their growing client base.


It was recently announced that Dave Lundal would be joining Evergreen Healthcare in the position of Managing Partner and Vice President of Advisory Solutions. Lundal will be joining Evergreen in a higher leadership position and bringing with him years of relevant and useful experience that will really expand what Evergreen can accomplish and provide for their customers.


Mr Lundal was brought on in large part because of his experience as a healthcare executive and CIO in the healthcare industry, bringing in hands-on intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the industry that will allow Drew Madden and colleagues to provide better, more tailored and targeted services.


Everyone at Evergreen is excited about Mr Lundal’s arrival, including his co-Managing Partner, Drew Madden, who notes, “Dave’s arrival at Evergreen marks an important milestone in our mission to be an industry leading healthcare consulting partner for our clients. With Dave’s experience as a CIO and healthcare executive, we have a unique opportunity to develop and deliver solutions curated by someone who has faced the same challenges that CIOs encounter daily.” That hands-on, on-the-ground experience is likely to prove invaluable to Madden and Evergreen.


Mr Lundal brings with him close to 30 years of experience within the healthcare industry, increasing the level of experience on the staff at Evergreen significantly. Mr Lundal has had a wide ranging career in the healthcare field, including serving as an executive and CIO at three different healthcare systems across the United States in the past decade. He has worked on both the provider side as well as on the payor side, giving him a very well rounded view of the industry from a macro level.


In addition to his work experience, Lundal has also become well known as a mentor to others in the healthcare IT field. This has led him to being an invaluable asset on a number of advisory councils for new startups in the healthcare field. Lundal is excited about the potential for his future at Evergreen.


When asked about his new position, Lundal said, “Now more than ever, healthcare is in need of innovative solutions to improve quality and reduce cost. I was attracted to Evergreen’s vibrant culture and commitment to growing their consulting services to becomes a full-service healthcare consulting provider.”


It’s easy to see why Drew Madden and his colleagues are excited about this recent addition to the Evergreen Healthcare team. With Lundal’s arrival, the team now has an even wider wealth of experience, skill, and know how to draw from, which will allow them to further expand their consulting services to more and more healthcare organizations nationwide, giving healthcare providers helpful, innovative solutions to their data and technology needs. Lundal brings hand-on experience of managing the payor and provider side of the healthcare industry and brings with him a passion for innovation and mentoring that is welcomed by all at Evergreen.




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