APRIL 2018 UPDATE – Drew Madden on how Diversified Services Prompt New Hire at Evergreen Healthcare


UPDATE 4/24/2018 — New interview with Drew Madden discussing current trends in IT Healthcare – https://ehealthradio.podbean.com/e/a-look-at-the-world-of-healthcare-consulting

Any business that hopes to succeed in today’s competitive environment must be flexible and innovative above all else. This is part of Evergreen Healthcare managing partner Drew Madden’s vision for his team and company. Healthcare is an area that regularly sees the implementation of new technologies, new techniques, and more sophisticated procedures. However, this has also changed how patients interact with their doctors, how doctors share information with one another, and so much more.


One of the fastest growing areas of the healthcare industry is IT, which is the emphasis of Evergreen Healthcare. Madden has built a professional reputation for putting together the best possible teams. He understands how to find the right kind of talent and empower them to be there best, which is part of what makes him such a successful managing director, as well as highly successful in previous endeavors.


With years of experience in the field of healthcare IT, Drew Madden has brought together some of the most highly skilled professionals to create useful and marketable innovations for healthcare IT. Evergreen Healthcare Partners assists with implementation and management of IT solutions, helping healthcare providers be more effective and efficient when it comes to managing their data. They provide a wide range of consulting services for healthcare operations of all sizes, helping them develop, implement, and better maintain their IT systems.


Since founding the company, Drew Madden has helped oversee the growth of Evergreen. With this growth has come a need for the diversification of services and new hires that can help facilitate these advances. Madden leveraged his past experience in the areas of both team building and IT solution design. This is why Madden and the rest of the team at Evergreen Healthcare recently announced the hire of Krista Geipel, a new managing partner who will serve in the leading role for training and education.


Drew Madden and the team at Evergreen are incredibly honored and excited to bring Krista Geipel to the company. Krista boasts almost a decade of work experience in the field of healthcare IT. She also has experience as 16 years of experience as an educator, which is another incredibly valuable skill in an ever-changing industry that is constantly requiring experts to learn new skills and technologies and to adapt to changing needs and trends.


Her main emphasis is on the areas of process improvement and project management, two incredibly valuable assets for a company like Evergreen.. Her work experience includes being an employee at Epic, a healthcare consultant, and a director of a major healthcare system. These diverse roles have given Krista a wide range of knowledge and experience of both the internal workings and needs of healthcare IT.


In addition to all her work experience and education, Geipel brings with her a passion for teaching and mentoring others others. This passion and ability has utility outside the classroom and can actually help to facilitate a more flexible and adaptable work environment.

Krista Geipel - Drew Madden

Geipel has become well known in the industry as a consultant due to her skills in adult education as well as project management and process design. Her skills will be incredibly helpful at building teams that are confident and independent.


When asked to comment on Geipel joining the Evergreen team, managing partner Drew Madden stated, “Krista’s reputation, personality, and career goals make her a valuable asset to any organization. Her cultural fit within Evergreen, and shared passion for true partnerships with our clients and consultants, is what was apparent from day one.”


Remarking on her joining the team, Krista notes, “I’m thrilled about the opportunity to be involved in the leadership, direction, and innovation at Evergreen. Most importantly, I’m passionate about the people I’m working with and the culture we are building here.” Her unique set of skills and experience will help round out the team at Evergreen and open up a host of opportunities for future growth and development from within the company.


Founded in 2017 by Drew Madden, Aaron Friedman, Rebecca Bottorff and Jeff Leach, Evergreen boasts industry experts with a diverse range of experience and educational backgrounds and are quickly making a name for itself in the field of healthcare IT management and implementation solutions. The company offers some of the most cutting-edge consulting and management services and is continuing to diversify its skill set and offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of the future of healthcare IT.




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