Weight Loss Expert, Johanan Rand, Can Teach You How to Reset Your Metabolism



A sincere desire to help patients who have healthy aging issues motivates Johanan Rand to offer his training and experience to provide relief. At the Healthy Medical Center, he advises patients on weight loss and the many conditions that usually accompany the aging process. His approach to regenerative medicine provides options for patients who can benefit from his integrative care.


With extensive training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, Johanan Rand’s practice focuses on wellness programs that include IV nutrient therapy and alternative solutions to conditions that need support for weight loss and anti-aging. His passion for achieving excellent outcomes for patients inspires him to develop custom programs that address individualized needs through his integrative approaches. The treatments that Johanan Rand develops help prevent disease, restore health, improve vitality and ensure access to optimum healthy aging. His willingness to help patients confront issues that often curtail the joy of living gives them the opportunity to find relief from age-related conditions (Facebook).


Treatments at the Healthy Medical Center offer innovative approaches to menopausal symptoms that may include hot flashes, mood swings, and anxiety. Depression, weight gain, mental fogginess and a rise in blood pressure that often accompany menopause can improve with the treatment regimens that Johanan Rand develops. His innovative healthy aging recommendations address low libido, muscle atrophy, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, insomnia, vaginal dryness and night sweats as well. Treatments address the functions that hormone levels perform in the body.


Leading with Nutritional Knowledge and Practices

The study of nutritional principles inspired Rand to develop his HCG diet program, a concept that incorporates a hormone that women produce when pregnant. Formed in the placenta, it provides nourishment to the embryo during development. Tests show that it can help prevent degenerative muscle deterioration in people who adopt diets to assist with weight loss. Johanan Rand makes an HCG diet available to patients who prefer quick results. Those who choose to lose as much as a half-pound to a full pound in a day find that the total weight loss may amount to even more. Even though the diet contains low-calorie restrictions, patients may see that hunger does not present as much of a challenge as one may anticipate.


Johanan Rand’s easy-to-understand explanation of HCG clarifies the reason that the diet can deliver remarkable results. The body’s reaction to the hormone can allow patients to eat a low-calorie diet without feeling hungry. His compassion lets him provide successful treatment for patients whose efforts to consume a limited-calorie diet have failed to tolerate the constant presence of hunger pangs. He advises patients that HCG can offer a potential path to success that many use to achieve successful weight loss. One of the encouraging aspects of the science of human chorionic gonadotropin is its ability to help patients lose the pounds that resist dietary efforts. It also assists in losing a significant amount of weight early in a diet.


The abundance of food in America and the ready availability of access to it creates an experience that occurs to almost everyone. Anyone who does not actively pursue a diet probably knows someone who does. The demand for a way to lose weight produces a supply of new fad diets almost every month, but the prevalence of them does not indicate their efficacy. Most perform ineffectively, dangerously or both, and some may produce results that do not help patients with meeting a weight loss goal. The experience that Rand has in the field helps patients achieve weight loss with techniques that work with the body’s natural instincts. He supports the theory that a British doctor developed in 1954. Most diets do not work because they fight against the body’s tendency to resist losing weight. By harnessing the natural inclination of the body and working with it, the HCG diet produces results that differ from most others by achieving success.


Tackling Difficult Conditions

Patients at the Healthy Medical Center in New Jersey’s West Orange community learn from the experience of Johanan Rand, a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist. Patients can benefit from his guidance in achieving weight loss with the HCG diet. His compassion for anyone who faces the difficult challenge of coping with failed diets and unsuccessful weight loss programs inspires patients to try one that succeeds and can do so rapidly. The benefits that accompany the HCG diet include aspects of weight loss that many patients may not have experienced in previous efforts.

  • Relearning Eating Habits

Over the years, anyone can find that eating may provide comfort that goes beyond satisfying hunger. People may not notice that the accumulation of some extra pounds may make it difficult to separate a physical requirement for food from other motivations. Dr. Rand gently guides patients into relearning eating habits and discarding ones that do not work.

  • Resetting Metabolism

The Healthy Aging Medical Center in New Jersey provides access to professional clinicians who analyze each patient’s blood work, diet, and exercise habits to construct the correct treatment. The professional recommendations may involve food and water consumption, activity and elimination of stress among other issues that can help patients achieve a metabolic level that produces healthy outcomes.

  • Improving Health

IV Nutrient Therapy provides an essential component of Dr. Rand’s approach to helping patients achieve optimum levels of wellness and improved health. Consequently, the medical professionals at Healthy Aging Medical Center may include it as an aspect of a comprehensive wellness program. Patients may receive tests that can identify health risks such as obesity, heart disease, and cancer. An overall approach that considers all aspects of the body may include IV vitamin treatments following tests for mineral or vitamin deficiencies or allergies to food.


Producing Successful Outcomes

While Johanan Rand does not regard the HCG program as a miracle diet that offers a magic solution to long-standing and complex conditions, he knows that it can work. The knowledge and skill of professional clinicians go into the recommendations that help relieve the damaging effects of chronic diseases. The improvement in the overall levels of wellness can produce significant changes in health that create more energy, increase self-confidence and achieve healthier insulin levels. The earliest phases provide the most resistance, but they work because the HCG supplements let patients lose fat without feeling hungry. The initial weight loss usually occurs quickly without affecting muscle tissue, and most patients can comfortably retain a healthy weight for years to come.


More about Johanan Rand at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-dov-rand-md-52605224/


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