What Can Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Do For You?


Just recently, the media introduced something new. They are called “Freedom Checks,” and you might have heard of them. In one ad, Matt Badiali is featured holding a large check for $114,287. It looks like the check you get from the government for your tax refund.

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst, and his background in geology puts him ahead of all of the others. He attended Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Then, Matt moved on to Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master of Science in Geology. His work has taken him all over the world where he has personally inspected the mines and wells of Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq and Papua New Guinea as well as many others. His training as a geologist helped him to interrogate CEOs in a knowledgeable manner. So, he always learned the truth about an investment directly from the source.

This check isn’t really from the government. It is a private check, but we will discuss that later.

What’s going on here is something that you may have come in contact with before. The intention is to make it seem as if you can raise your hand, and someone will come and hand you a ton of cash. That’s what you think until you start to learn the details, and by the time that happens, you aren’t interested anymore.

Maybe you were one of the unfortunate ones who immediately got your credit card so that you could buy whatever it was that was being sold. In this instance, we are talking about “U.S. Freedom Checks,” and they are using the same script to convince you that you need to get in on this. As a matter of fact, it is the same script that was used to hook people into “Patriot Checks” that Lifetime Income Report advertised last year and continues to promote. You can relax because “Freedom Checks” is something entirely different.

The one thing that makes “Freedom Checks” different from all the other scams is that this one is an “investment.” A clue comes from the fact that “Freedom Checks” were introduced in an investment newsletter. They are promising that you can receive a ton of cash from something that they want to sell you. No one is giving away money.

If you’re still there, we can explore this a little further. We are going to see exactly what it is that Matt Badiali is promoting with his “Freedom Checks.”

After the stock market crash in 2008, Matt Badiali embarked on an ambitious venture. He purchased stock in Kaminak Gold Corp., but his friends and family didn’t believe that this was a wise decision. The stock market was still going down at the time, but Matt Badiali’s stock was going up. He purchased the stock on December 5, 2008 at the price of $0.06 and sold it on August 26, 2010 for $2.64. This meant that he realized a gain of 4,400 percent!

First, let’s examine the ad for this product:

“See this check…this one right here written out for $114,287? I call it a ‘freedom check.’ Imagine this check being yours. All you have to do is sign it and cash it…It’s no wonder Reuter’s reports that freedom checks are ‘delivering a windfall’ and that Motley Fool says the ‘cash payouts are sky-high.’ Barron’s reports…‘it’s time to take a look.’ Forbes gives them a …‘bullish case.’ And Seeking Alpha says Freedom Checks are a…‘hidden gem.’”

This ad seems to have everything that a financial ad needs. It suggests that a huge chunk of money is on its way to your doorstep, and it also gives you some quotes from highly reputable people. This makes it look like this is the real deal.

Ads such as these are always written as if you must jump in RIGHT NOW! The purpose of this is to keep you from thinking about your decision too much. The copywriters know that if you take enough time to consider what is being offered, you are likely to leave it on the table.

The reality is that this type of investment is a commitment. You must be prepared to make repeated investments in order to receive a payout at a future date, so these types of investments always deserve more thought than these ads are willing to give you.

Another financial expert hired Mr. Badiali to perform some research for him. Because of this relationship, this financial expert was able to significantly increase revenue to his firm because of Matt Badiali’s recommendations. He distinguished himself as superior to all of the hedge fund managers and mutual fund managers that the company had working for it at the time.

Matt Badiali has stated, “It’s a secret program presidents from both sides of the aisle has been working on over the last 40 years…from Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton all the way to Obama and even Trump – making this what many insiders have called the ‘last truly bipartisan policy.’”

The truth is that Matt Badiali is promoting “Master Limited Partnerships” or MLPs. MLPs are traded publicly on the stock market, and they are exempt from paying federal income taxes if they “pass through” their profits to their shareholders. Therefore, these investments are income-focused, and shareholders usually receive high distribution yields. This means that a trader of MLPs is a lot like someone who trades dividend-paying stocks.

With MLPs, you purchase shares, and in return, you receive payments that you can either deposit or reinvest in additional shares. These quarterly payments tend to increase as time goes by, and the shares rise as well.

First, Mr. Badiali ensures that the company has “In-Demand” assets in the amount of $1 billion or more, and these assets must be liquid. The raw materials that the company controls or owns must be in high demand and must also be worth billions of dollars. Second, the company must distribute payments to shareholders on a consistent basis and/or the payments need to increase consistently. Third, the company has to be able to prove that its shareholders are growing wealthy because of their investments in the company. The last thing Mr. Badiali does is examine a company’s financial statements to ensure that they are financially healthy.


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