How OneLogin Balances Usability and Security


At least 17,000 manufacturers provide data to the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) who uses it to determine the kind of technological challenge they face when operating in the U.S. or Canada. In a report done by Derek Brink, he showed that these companies struggle with developing protocols that work long term and at minimum cost when it comes to restricted permissions and management of roles.

Secondly, Derek also pointed out that these firms realized that compliance and security risks are always evolving, which makes it even harder to curb the ever-increasing threat from cyber attackers. This is made even worse by the fact that most companies are going digital, which means they will eventually see the need to provide third parties with access to their systems.

OneLogin is a company that provides answers to all these challenges. Its package comes with single-factor authentication to allow faster access of third parties to the company’s system. However, this system is backed by a complex security feature called the multi-factor authentication system. This feature is only used when a user is suspected, and it is required of the user to provide more information about himself before accessing the system. Besides, OneLogin also provides extra apps within its system. This ensures that their clients are able to work when on the move. Some of the programs associated with OneLogin packages include Office 365, SAP and Oracle. There are several companies that have taken up OneLogin packages, including Consort Medical and Steelcase.

Onelogin Sign On Page

The balance between usability and security is the most important factor to consider when taking a company through digital transformation. As such, taking the precaution of only allowing necessary third-party users to access the system in such a case is non-negotiable.

Even though it understandable that business agility between third-party users and the company is built on such platforms, having a system that features restrictive permission is as important as having the company run its daily activities. Therefore, no company should consider implementing their cloud system without having set up security measures that prevent confidential data breach or leakage. This would ensure that the focus of the company is not based on restoring critical systems back online but rather, on increasing user productivity.


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