End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb For His Integrity And Unification Goals


Although Rick Saccone’s republican allies have been making most of the news headlines and dominating advertisements lately, Democrat Conor Lamb has been gaining more attention for the upcoming special election in Pennsylvania. The special election is being held for the 18th Congressional District. Mr. Lamb has been catching the attention of locals because of his ad that focuses on his service as a Marine and his local roots. Additionally, his ad emphasizes that he is trying to unify both parties. Now, Conor Lamb has earned the support of End Citizens United.

A Compelling Advertisement

While many political ads focus on smearing the opponent, Mr. Lamb’s ad focuses on why people should vote for him. In the ad, there are several photos that were taken when Mr. Lamb was younger. The ad says that he still enjoys shooting while showing a video clip of him using an AR-15 rifle. When combined with his service as a Marine, that portion of the ad appeals to more veterans and responsible firearm owners. As the ad mentions, Mr. Lamb is the only running contestant who has not accepted PAC money from corporate groups. It emphasizes that he does not participate in division-causing fights but would rather be a leader who protects the best interest of all people instead of a single party.

The ad also mentions his recent impressive endorsement from End Citizens United, which is an American political reform organization that was founded in 2015. It is trying to reverse the 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. Group spending for independent expenditure either against or for candidates was deregulated after the decision was made. End Citizens United is a group that works against the practice of corporate influence of PACs. It only endorses candidates who do not accept such funds and are proponents for campaign finance reform. It has supported individuals such as Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Maggie Hassan in the past. Although it has already raised $7.5 million in donations for the next election cycle, End Citizens United Hopes to raise $35 million to fund campaigns for candidates. The president of End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller, and the organization is headquartered in the District of Columbia.

The March Special Election

The special election is set to take place on March 13, 2018. Congressman Tim Murphy’s resignation prompted the event. There are four counties in the southwestern portion of the commonwealth that encompass the district. Those counties include Greene, Washington, Allegheny and Westmoreland. Republicans have dominated the seat in the past. However, Conor Lamb and the other candidates who are running have made the race especially competitive this time. Additionally, more voters are interested in listening to Mr. Lamb after hearing his vocal support of replacing Nancy Pelosi despite the existence of opposing ads that attempt to link him to Ms. Pelosi. As his advertisement states, Mr. Lamb is tired of the gridlock caused by the division between the two parties, and he will be pleased to work with anyone who wants to help bridge that gap.

Seeking Support From Both Parties

Although Mr. Lamb represents the Democratic Party, he plans to address issues that are important to all voters in the area. There are many veterans in the district, and he knows that a considerable portion of them usually vote for republican candidates. At recent speaking events, he has met several veterans and spoke with them about their concerns. One news story detailed a conversation between Mr. Lamb and a veteran who supported him. The veteran said that he was hopeful about Mr. Lamb’s victory and wanted to see another seat flipped by the democrats.

Since President Donald Trump was elected, scandals and other events tied to some republicans have led to a string of victories for democrats. The current special election was triggered by the former republican seat holder having an extramarital affair with a woman. While claiming to hold a strong anti-abortion stance, the representative encouraged his mistress to have an abortion. Democrats have flipped a total of 34 legislative seats in various states since the last election. However, republicans have only managed to flip four seats since the election. Although President Trump has been a vocal supporter of Mr. Saccone, Mr. Lamb is still confident about the possibility of flipping the seat and implementing some positive changes. With the string of recent victories for democrats and support from both parties to end the strong division between them, the current race will remain competitive as Mr. Lamb gains more attention.

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End Citizens United is also hoping to see another democratic victory in the upcoming special election. The organization is especially excited about this potential win because of Mr. Lamb’s strong stance against accepting corporate campaign funding. As the organization’s site says, corporate donations lead to corruption. Such practices lead to a loss of transparency and accountability, and powerful corporations can tip political power in their favor to create dangerous changes for Americans. End Citizens United runs on grassroots donations from concerned supporters and continues its commitment to fight rigged political systems.

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