Troy McQuagge Starts HOPE Program at US Health


In the insurance field, Troy McQuagge US Health is one of the most well-known names in the country. He is the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc, and USHealth Advisors.  Both are some of the largest health insurance providers in the entire country.

Troy became the CEO of the company in 2010.  Since then has helped the company grow to be one of the most prominent names in the business. Under his leadership, the company had expanded and developed more than it has before he became its leader.

When he first took over the company, his goal was to develop USHEALTH Advisors. This is a subsection of the company that includes all the advisors of USHealth Group. By developing that one subsection of the company, he helped translate profitability to other sections.

One of the qualities that make him an excellent leader to the company is his ability to guide and motivate the employees. He believes that guiding them, rather than commanding them, is one of the best ways to aid the success and betterment of the company.

Troy McQuagge Brings HOPE to US Health

One of the more notable things that Troy McQuagge US Health combined to achieve, was the establishment of HOPE.  The acronym stands for Helping Other People Everyday. This was formed so that USHEALTH Group could help those who are in need. But McQuagge didn’t just want to create an organization that could help people on a one-off basis.

As the name states, Troy wanted to be able to help people on a daily basis. One of the first projects that the organization undertook Hurricane Katrina aid. HOPE extended a helping hand by taking part in projects that helped those affected to rebuild their homes and lives. The employees put in a lot of effort, especially for those living in the city of New Orleans.

In 2011, the company took on its second venture to help create a difference, which was when they donated thousands of dollars and items to the Crisis Nursery, which is a nonprofit organization that works to support children who are battling diseases, poverty, and abandonment.

For McQuagge, starting this organization and helping people wasn’t just something to make the company look good. He wanted to be able to help the company transition to a new phase, where they could help people, and also attain a good amount of profitability through the primary services that the company provides.


In 2012, the company decided to launch HOPEKids Arizona. This subset would help children who were diagnosed with life-threatening diseases. This proved to be one of the most successful initiatives that the company undertook. Also proving to be incredibly successful in making a difference in the lives of children in Arizona. The organization then founded another branch a year later, a little closer to home in the state of Texas.

When asked for the reason why he decided to start HOPE, McQuagge stated that he wanted to create an environment where he could make a difference in people’s lives. Troy also wanted to instill that philosophy in his employees. Which is why starting an organization that aids them in doing so was the best way to execute his plan.

Through HOPE, McQuagge has rightfully been able to extend a helping hand to those who otherwise would see no hope in their lives, finding it difficult to go on. Witnessing the example of the head office and the efforts that they were trying to make, several other branches of the company all over America started to take part in local projects that could help them reach their goals of making a difference to people’s lives.

Learn more about the US Health CEO Troy McQuagge on his social media including Twitter, and his page.

About USHEALTH Group


USHEALTH is currently one of the top health insurance providers in America, offering a range of plans to people all over. The company has offered their services to millions of people all over the country who depend on them in the event of medical emergencies.

USH operates through a series of advisors who work to bring the health insurances through the common people. They do not follow a generalized system of health insurance and instead chooses to offer health insurance that is personalized to the person’s needs and requirements.

They also take special care to ensure that all of the people working at USHEALTH are qualified. That way they can best assist customers in finding a health insurance policy that is right for them.

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