OneLogin Had A Very Productive 2017


Christian and Thomas Pedersen founded OneLogin in 2009.  Only after serving the highly popular help desk program company Zendesk for several years. After living in the Bay Area the Pedersen brothers realized the potential that properly operated technological companies could offer founders. As such, Christian and Thomas immediately founded OneLogin, Inc., and soon experienced rapid growth.

Today, the company has an active license pairing with Microsoft’s ever-popular Office 365 package of programs.  Encompassing Excel, Word, and PowerPoint – they provide clients’ system administrators with real-time streams of events at the company. Including secure in-house sharing of sensitive information.

OneLogin, Inc., has already accomplished leaps and bounds throughout its eight-odd years of operation.  But the company nailed down several accolades and noteworthy events in 2017.


Here are a handful of things the Pedersen brothers and OneLogin have tackled this year:


The Company Recently Hired A New Chief Executive Officer


Although OneLogin has grown to tens of millions of dollars in annual revenues the company realized it needed a well-tenured technologically-experienced executive to boost its operations to the next level.


In August of 2017, the Pedersen brothers hired Mr. Brad Brooks as its CEO. Mr. Brooks boasts an impressive 25 years of experience in tech companies around the world. Brooks joined OneLogin because he quickly realized the raw potential of its unique services.


With cybercrime growing at an unprecedented pace – the total dollar value of the impact is likely to grow larger than the value of traditional forms of crime in just a handful of years. It only makes sense to protect every business entity’s account and program login credentials.


Airbus, A Highly Reputable Corporation, Recently Became One Of OneLogin’s Newest Clients


Airbus named OneLogin as its sole provider of login security services earlier this year, in August, 2017.


The global corporation became one of OneLogin’s 2,000-plus customers.  Over 99 percent of customers reported being highly satisfied in the past twelve months.


Airbus’s lead executive of its Digital Accelerator program, Chris Taylor, shared with press that the change in service providers was necessary to succeed in its line of business, as its information technology systems were in dire need of redesign. Such a major switch has already resulted in the creation of large stores of added value for Airbus’s customers.

Onelogin logo

The Pedersen Brothers’ Creation Was Named One Of The Bay Area’s Best Places To Work


OneLogin was included in the top ten listings of the Best Small Workplaces in the Bay Area by Fortune Magazine, one of the most reputable magazines in financial services throughout the entire United States of America.


This is highly favorable for OneLogin, Inc., as it has been tagged as one of the fastest-growing companies throughout California.


Multi-Factor Authentication Became Even More Secure In 2017


The company released Adaptive Authentication, included in all packages that OneLogin, Inc., offers its customers, which is an amped-up form of multi-factor authentication. It’s based off of detailed information such as where customers login their accounts from.


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