Market America’s Motives Ranks Among Top Youtube Beauty Channel of 2017


Motives by Loren Ridinger is one of the powerhouse product lines of Market America. And not only has the brand gained recognition on social media like Instagram, but they’ve also left a mark on YouTube. In fact, Motives has earned a Top 100 Beauty YouTube Channel Award. With the growing rise in popularity of YouTube, more and more people are using the avenue to learn more about beauty, and specifically, the wide range of products out there. Videos on the Motives Cosmetics channel include tutorials, news from the Motives Pro Artist community, and more. It’s the go-to place to find the latest collections and campaigns. The vibrant and bold videos provide inspiration and a nudge to try something new.

motives cosmetics Market America

Motives Cosmetics accepted the Top 100 Beauty YouTube Channel Award in recognition of factors including the channel’s number of subscribers and number of videos uploaded. Quality and consistency were also taken into account. The channel is unique in that it serves more than one community – those interested in beauty and those running their own Market America UnFranchise businesses. The cosmetics featured are part of a Market America-exclusive line of luxury products. They are designed to be easy to use, sexy, and affordable. Some of the core messaging of the brand is empowering women to feel strong. This resonates with the power that Market America gives to consumers and UnFranchise owners. Consumers get to shop for high-end products from a trusted company, all while earning shopping rewards including cash back and Shopping Annuity.

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Market America UnFranchise owners have the opportunity to reclaim control over their lives and their finances. They use a proven training system to learn to become an entrepreneur. Oftentimes, Motives Cosmetics UnFranchise owners leverage their prior experience and dedication to the beauty industry to help them achieve financial freedom through their Market America business. However, Market America also invites those who are simply interested in beauty and have no experience in it to become UnFranchise owners too. Learning to be business savvy is the empowerment that Market America offers to its thousands of UnFranchise owners.

Motives Cosmetics Market America

In addition to Motives ranking as a top YouTube channel, they’ve also been featured in Vogue, Allure, People Style Watch, and InStyle. The brand continues to surprise and engage its audience, all while paying special care to the Market America family. So the channel features the Motives Foundation Series. This helps Market America UnFranchise owners get their business set up, and outlines the steps needed to become financially independent. All of the tools are laid out for Market America UnFranchise owners, so there is no shortage of resources available. Owners just need to come with the determination to get to work and a passion for cosmetics.

The Motives YouTube channel features a training video titled “What To Do – First 30 Days in Business” which goes over some highly important information for Market America UnFranchise owners. To run a sound business, you’ll need to establish your “why.” This question is foundational, and will motivate you to continue and push yourself to earn and learn more throughout the process. It’s highly suggested that Market America UnFranchise owners determine their why in the beginning stages because that’s oftentimes when people get derailed or lose motivation. What’s driving your journey as a Motives UnFranchise owner? In the video, our narrator tells us that the “why” is different for everybody. “Money may motivate people, but it doesn’t necessarily inspire people,” she says.

Motives by Loren Ridinger is a brand built out of passion. Market America started in 1992, but Motives didn’t come along until 2008. It was born out of the determination and hard work of Loren, who has said “We strive to empower people everywhere to look and feel beautiful inside and out, and provide them with an opportunity to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.” There is a lot of power in wanting to do good for others, and that’s why Market America remains committed to giving its UnFranchise owners what they need, so that they may do good to others. The messaging of the brand is strong, and this correlates with the information in the “First 30 Days” video. Our narrator says clearly that “If your why doesn’t make you cry, it’s not strong enough.” Success is bred from feeling attached to your goals, and one way to do that is by establishing an emotional connection to why you’re getting up every day to make phone calls, meet new people, and sell your product.

After you determine your why, you will be creating a goal statement. Market America is comprised of a tremendous group of successful entrepreneurs, all of whom have worked hard to achieve what they have. Embody that in your Motives goal statement. Know that you are standing in the midst of unparalleled opportunity and that the products you’re selling are high quality and ever evolving. The beauty industry is fast paced, so be prepared to tackle it by coming in prepared. Your goal statement is not static, nor should you just write it and forget about it. It’s a living statement of your intentions, and the actions that you will follow through with. When you write your statement, determine when you will reevaluate it next. For example, you can reference your statement daily or weekly, which will help drive your actions, and reevaluate it twice a year. Do what works best for you, and modify your statement as your motivations and inspirations change.

You may find that you are especially motivated to revisit your goal statement when you are attending Market America conventions. This is an ideal time to do it since you will have fresh inspiration and be around a lot of motivating people. And when you’re not at conventions, you’ll find it easy to continue to be inspired by subscribing to the Motives YouTube channel and watching new videos as they come out. After all, Market America is all about community. Join and be part of the Motives YouTube family, ranked in the top 100 beauty YouTube channels, so that you don’t miss out on any of the tutorials, product launches, and UnFranchise owner trainings.



  1. No one can stop Market America to rank at the top of the list in YouTube’s beauty channel related category. I have been following The Motives YouTube channel for many days and they have to offer a lot of tutorials and beauty related tips. Wish you best of luck Market America!

  2. I have seen Motives featured in Vogue, Allure, People Style Watch, and InStyle. The YouTube channel has a lot of great content for new business owners. It is definitely worth checking out. The “why” behind starting your business is so important and they really narrow in on that.


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