LimeCrime is Taking Vegan Friendly Cosmetics Worldwide


One of the pioneers of vegan makeup, LimeCrime is now branching out overseas. The makeup brand holds high standards.  That means not testing on animals and being a completely vegan makeup brand.  That would prove problematic when the time came to consider China as a new territory.

Trouble Ahead

Chinese law requires that all makeup be tested on animals.  But this was a no go for Lime Crime. And so they managed to find a loophole that allows shipping direct from the U.S. to avoid the animal testing requirements.

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Lime Crime is one of the strong, eclectic, modern names in makeup today. Offering a wide variety of one of a kind colors with fun names.  The brand has basically been the blueprint for the matte lippie craze. Doe’s company is 10 years old now.  Still breaking new ground by moving out of the basic makeup outline and creating their own vegan line in China. This change in location has done anything but change their standards. Taking pride in giving their customers nothing but the best product is important to Doe.

A Solution Is Found

Kim Walls, a Lime Crime executive, found a unique way to circumvent the animal testing requirement in China. The company decided to go with a United States based online platform of e-commerce, Revolve, which already has a sizable online platform.  Revolve will handle transport, as well as retail for Lime Crime’s products abroad.  In so doing, Doe avoids all the headaches of normal expansion.

For these changes to run smoothly, LimeCrime has hunted down some influencers to help spread the word. They have already created a small group of fans in China.  Focusing on urging them to check out Revolve. For those in the know, they are already waiting on their product launch. LimeCrime is dedicated and passionate about their brand, and want fans, called Unicorns, to be just as passionate.

Inspiring The Rest

LimeCrime is used to creating waves in the beauty world, because of their unique color palette.  They are the founders of the Unicorn hair trend.  Typically embodied by multicolored hair dyes that symbolize a Unicorn’s mane.  They’ve even expanded to include darker hair colors, and brighter permanent dyes.  Something that’s hard to find in beauty products.

This new era of their brand may also inspire other brands who are thinking of branching out to do the same. Quality should never be sacrificed for convenience and Lime Crime is taking the bull by the horn to show as much.

Perhaps other brands can learn something from this, and find their own way to maintain standards.  Kim Walls’ creative solution has ensured LC finds a new devoted following of Unicorns, while staying true to the core tenets that made Doe’s brand great.


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