Joel Friant is Using This Pepper to Revolutionize the Spicy Industry


Joel Friant is a renown American serial entrepreneur, small business owner, free-market enthusiast and a shrewd financial investor based at Corpus Christi, Texas. He launched his career in the real-estate business where he would buy a foreclosure, renovate it then sell it at a slightly higher value than the market price.

In 2003, he used the knowledge he had in the real estate industry to help his friends and other people to become homeowners. This die-hard spirit in helping others succeed in the real estate industry earned him enough experience to deal with mortgage lending and writing. This earned him a title as the top salesman in his country. He later opened a branch office of a new mortgage lending company.

Most people attribute his business acumen and success to his go-getter attitude, charismatic personality and brilliant ideas which are a lethal combination for launching a successful career.

The Income Thermostat

Joel Friant has a general concern for other people and loves to help them achieve his own level of success through mentorship, and a guide program that aims to show why some people are successful and others aren’t. Joel is a life coach and financial advisor to many, both career persons and budding entrepreneurs. He is an astute believer in the power of the people. He maintains that if a person has an interest in achieving success in their career and personal life, and is taken through the right mentorship, then they will get what they desire.

Following the financial crisis in 2008, his curiosity and innovative thinking gave birth to the principle of the ‘Income Thermostat’ that tried to explain the reasons for the financial and life success of some people. This concept borrowed a lot of logic from the early writings of Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz. Currently, Joel Friant has written articles on his personal accomplishments that are published worldwide. He continues to impact thousands of lives as a motivational speaker using his avid online seminars.

The Thai Guy

From his early days in entrepreneurship, Joel Friant took a keen interest in the restaurant arena and implemented a unique fast food concept that made him famously known as ‘The Thai Guy.’ He has always had a preference for Thai cuisine and loves to cook. In 1995, he opened his first Thai restaurant that offered mouthwatering Thai cuisine and fast food delivery. This was marked as America’s first Thai fast food concept in the food industry.

The Habanero shaker

One of Joel Friant’s greatest invention was the Original Habanero Shaker. It was brought on by the experience he gathered working in the food industry and wanted to create a spice worth remembering. The Habanero Shaker is a tasty, buttery and spicy pepper. Joel Friant had a taste of his first Habanero pepper in high school from a friend and was blown away by its wild taste.

When he got a deeper understanding of the food industry, he noticed that there was no Original Habanero spice. Most spices were mixed with salt or other cheaply acquired spices.

Joel Friant took advantage of this market gap and introduced a Habanero spicy condiment that could be used for cooking and seasoning. The Habanero Shaker was launched as his flagship product and was an immediate market disruption. Joel recommends that the Habanero pepper should be served in a dry shaker format if you think it’s too hot as all the flavors still come through. The original Habanero shaker is famously known as the hottest Chile pepper accompanied by a dominant sizzling flavor.

Joel Friant realized that the key to a good Habanero pepper is harvesting the peppers when they are ripe as peppers get hotter as they mature. The plants should be dry when harvested to ensure that they are free of diseases that could potentially ruin the flavor of the pepper. The Habaneros belong to a Chinense (not Chinese) variety of pepper that is not unbearably hot and are combined with a superb flavor that can’t be beaten.

Health benefits of the Original Habanero Shaker

The habanero has proven to have a variety of health benefits including but not limited to:

• Acting as a natural painkiller as the Habanero contains capsaicin hat triggers the brain to release endorphins that cause a soothing and calm sensation throughout the body.

• The Habanero pepper is rich in vitamin A and B that enhance the body’s immunity system.

Online sales

In 2012, Joel used online avenues like eBay and Amazon to sell his Habanero pepper. Joel Friant noticed that he could reach a broader market through e-Commerce and marketing the product on the intenet would be much easier. Through an initial training class on ‘how to sell goods on Amazon and eBay,’ Joel was able to master the art of online marketing and came up with the brand name, ‘The Original Habanero Shaker.’ This was the incipient of his astounding success in e-commerce.

Joel learned that he needed to set himself apart from other sellers of the Habaneros product. He offered his customers a sales guarantee that The Original Habanero Shaker contained 100% pure Habanero flakes and it had no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Joel Friant’s beliefs and strategies

Joel Friant is a firm believer in the idea that association brings on participation. This is why he associates himself with various successful investors who have already gone through his line of work. Joel uses this approach to learns new innovative strategies for expanding his businesses by establishing new networks. He borrows ideas from people who have made money from the ideas that they teach.

Joel Friant believes that the real education is taught to a person when they complete their high school and higher education. That is when they get a taste of the real world and learn of survival techniques that could help them get-by and surpass others in success.

Friant maintains that most of his successes are pegged on his simple pen-to-paper habit of writing down his ideas as they pop up. By developing such habits, important business ideas and ingenious opportunities are stored before we can forget them. Joel Friant also shares that, writing down ideas also helps him not to spend so much energy trying to recall the series of step and activities to undertake. Mainly, by doing this, you are able to use the paper as your hard disk and hence free your brain to think of the next ‘big thing’ in your career or business.

Joel Friant’s plans

Joel has taken to familiarizing himself with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin. In a field with so many opportunities, Joel took an early lead to learn all there was about cryptos; attending meetups with like-minded people and learning from market leaders. He also offers to help others in understanding the cryptocurrency market to help with their financial investment decisions.

Joel Friant is currently furthering his career and passion for the Habanero Shaker and is keen on using research to find new ways of improving the taste of the Original Habanero Shaker.

For more on Joel Friant, follow him on Facebook and Instagram for the latest Habanero Shaker news.


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