Igor Cornelsen’s Theories For Investing in Brazil’s Economy


Igor Cornelsen is one of the biggest names in the South American business world. His talent is currently being used at Brainbridge Inc, which is an investment firm from the Bahamas. The company is mostly involved with the stocks and futures market to consolidate investments with other high-net-worth individuals.



Igor Is Not a Fan of Red Tape


Although relatively young and fragile, the Brazilian government has put a lot of funds into an enormous amount of bureaucracy that is business adverse. Doing business in Brazil is highly desirable by local and foreign interests due to the sheer population size but it is really noncompetitive due to strict regulations. It is one of the reasons why Igor prefers to invest in foreign markets for the time being.

Now that Igor is fully vested in the European market, he spends most of his workday in researching new companies to invest in. He keeps it pretty simple by only taking stock recommendations from Reuters news or from personal colleagues. His isolated approach to investing definitely works if you consider the amount of wealth that he has acquired.


Brazil is indeed a country that is full of aspiring entrepreneurs and economic giants with international portfolios. Reports have shown that one-quarter of working-age adults are starting their own business or becoming freelancers. The availability of the Internet is definitely an advantage for many new businesses since most startups are technology based. Professionals are also very open to working with foreigners, even if government policies are not exactly friendly.

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Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen

Many of the top executives have formed tight-knit relationships and it is the key to becoming successful in the country. Unfortunately, it is even harder for the small guy to get started since there is bureaucracy in the way for anyone to get started a business.

For example, foreign currency restrictions are one of the main things that holds Igor back from recommending it as an investment haven. It is because of things like this that Brazil is always in and out of small economic disasters. The potential for profit is always there but the government never makes it easy for anyone.


Forget About The Real in Forex


Igor Cornelsen is also quite intuitive when it comes to foreign currency exchange. He firmly believes that the Brazilian Real has been overvalued for too long and it will all come crashing down. Currency restrictions in Brazil are just as stringent in Argentina, which is why the currency is weakening and the locals are looking to put their assets in Forex, Bitcoin, and overseas properties.


It was around 2010 when Igor Cornelsen had enough information gathered to make the decision to sell most of his local assets. He believes that the current political climate will only get worse and those that are capitalist-oriented should look toward foreign investments.


This is why Igor has had a long-time interest in investing in the Euro. In the past, his colleagues would criticize him in investing in the Euro. Many believed that the Euro would be a failed experiment and eventually dissolve. Igor, on the other hand, believed that the currency would be used as an international standard and he was correct once again. It would be his experience that he had as a banker that allowed him to predict such investments.


China Is On The Radar


China is definitely Brazil’s biggest trading partner and it is the world’s largest economy. Ignoring investment opportunities with this country would be foolish. Igor knows that when Chinese production kicks up, the profits from raw material exportation in Brazil will also go up. Even though China does rival Brazil in certain industries, the trade partnership cannot be ignored.


Brazilian Banks Will Be Down to Just A Few


Igor is also on point when it comes to investing in large banks in Brazil. Mergers are happening on a mass scale and it is now just down to a short list of large banks dominating the market.


The banks that remain in the arena are mostly those with long legacies and high net worth. The smaller banks are being absorbed by the big ones so most customers are having fewer choices. Among these banks includes Banco Itau and Bradesco.

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