Five Ways Dr. Mark McKenna is an Atlanta Industry Innovator


In order to remain competitive in any industry, you are going to need to be someone who can constantly be innovating. This means constantly looking at the way the world exists, thinking of ways this world can be better, and having the initiative necessary to actually make it better.

Being an innovator isn’t easy. Many people are content with doing things the way they have always been done. But for those who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and be the source of change they know the world needs, innovation is something that can be tremendously rewarding.

Dr. Mark McKenna—founder of the revolutionary new company known as OVME—is someone who has been recognized as a lifelong innovator. McKenna is someone who is constantly learning, taking what he has learned, and thinking of ways to apply his vast amount of knowledge. McKenna is a man who realizes that the aesthetic treatment industry is in dire need of change and a man who hopes to be the source of change the industry needs.

1. Dr. McKenna uses a customer-centric business model.

Far too many businesses—especially in the Botox industry—are solely focused on bettering their bottom line. While Dr. McKenna’s experience as a businessman has taught him that the bottom-line is indeed important, he has also come to realize that it is the customer that makes achieving these financial goals possible.

What makes OVME different from other Botox providers is that customer satisfaction is above and beyond the highest priority. Between the use of a customer-oriented app, the ability to receive these vital services at home, and the company’s responsiveness to customer feedback, it is quite clear where the company’s priorities are. Instead of providing the sort of sub-par customer service that has become the industry norm, Dr. McKenna—a natural leader—is trying to revolutionize the ways business is done.

2. Dr. McKenna is able to apply a diverse array of knowledge and experience from different industries.

One of the problems that many leaders in the Botox industry end up having is that they only understand part of the way in which the industry actually works. Most professionals in the industry understand the medical side or the business side, but very few are actually able to fully comprehend the bigger picture.

Dr. S Mark McKenna MD

Dr. McKenna, on the other hand, is able to apply his extensive knowledge of both components of the industry in order to provide a comprehensive and more dynamic experience. McKenna earned a degree from Tulane Medical School and also want on to earn a degree in business. His dynamic knowledge base has enabled him to succeed in the worlds of real estate, cosm
etic medicine, and now, home-service Botox treatments.

3. Dr. McKenna realizes the tremendous benefits of offering at-home services.

OVME Mark McKenna

Without the help of a “disruptive” innovator, most industries will remain unchanged. But because of Dr. McKenna’s innovative mindset, he has been able to take a new look at the industry and find ways to do things differently.

For so long, the Botox industry has been entirely dependent on the use of clinical treatments. Though this old-fashioned model may be acceptable for some people, it is clearly not without some downfalls. The old clinical model creates a major hassle for the customer and ultimately demands for them to have to put in a greater effort in order to receive the exact same product.

McKenna’s company OVME is challenging the way things have been done. By offering at-home Botox services, the customer is now able to enjoy a real increase in product utility. Though other companies will inevitably realize the benefits of this business model and try to imitate McKenna’s efforts, being at the forefront of the industry is undeniably a good place to be.

4. Dr. McKenna is able to offer customers more choice and flexibility.

An additional problem that Dr. McKenna was able to recognize was the fact that—at least in the Botox industry—many consumers were under the wrongful illusion that they would have to adapt to the needs of their practitioners. Choosing a doctor that could work around your schedule (and additionally come to your home) was something that, in the past, seemed to be almost impossible.

Having a Botox practitioner come to your own home—in a way that, so far, OVME is uniquely able to offer—gives consumers the ability to be flexible and obtain treatments at a time and place that works for them. Having the ability to choose between different practitioners—as only OVME’s app has been able to make possible—also works to assure that consumers can find the ideal match.

Additionally, the tremendous amount of choice that OVME’s app has made possible helps to assure that consumers are getting the best deal they possibly can. More choice, naturally, means lower prices. Consumer value and convenience are just a few of the ways in which Dr. McKenna has been dramatically improving the industry as a whole.

5. Dr. McKenna understands the importance of applying technology to a business.

Dr. Mark Mckenna OVME

Lastly, Dr. McKenna realizes the importance of incorporating new technology into any growing business. In a way that has been compared to Uber—and other innovative app-based services—Dr. McKenna has uniquely leveraged technology to make Botox treatments more accessible than ever before.

OVME’s innovative new app makes it easy for consumers to understand their choices, schedule an appointment, and learn more about what the Botox industry has to offer. The app alone, it seems, is enough to earn Dr. McKenna the title of an industry innovator.

But beyond the app, Dr. McKenna is clearly an individual who is constantly creating new sources of innovation for the industry. When it comes to receiving at-home Botox services, it seems there are few, if any, organizations that are as ahead of the game as OVME. But just because OVME has already demonstrated their unique ability to innovate, that doesn’t mean their work is over. In fact, it seems the potential for this organization to disrupt the industry is only just now being realized.


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  1. There is no doubt in it that Dr. McKenna has set new standards in modern business with his amazing talent and diversity. His approach is customer centric, that’s why the services he offers are designed to satisfy customers’ needs in best possible manner. Dr. McKenna never hesitates to incorporate latest technologies to enhance customer satisfaction. OVME is an example of such top notch business environments, where customers can get online appointments conveniently. Modern businesses should follow example of Dr. McKenna if they want to flourish, the way McKenna did.

  2. I am glad Dr. McKenna offers customers more choice and flexibility that other medical professionals. At-home services are particularly attractive. She depends on modern technology and research to provide her patients with the best treatment.


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