Business Time Machine: Placing Bets, Investing in UTC, Befriending Howard Hughes


We have all considered what events we would change if we had access to a time machine. Some of the events are global in nature and would have an impact on the world around us, while others are purely for our own reasons and, perhaps, financial gains.

If you had a time machine and would rather make some money without having to deal with bookies, investing in stocks would be the way to go. Of course, with the recent technology boom, investing in Google, Apple, and Facebook in the beginning would be making you a millionaire several times over. Those tech stocks can rise quickly overnight, making instant millionaires and even billionaires out of people.

Below is a list of financial decisions you might make if you had a time machine available. If you have your own list of things you would change, just add them to the comments section below this article.

Make a Few Bets

Having access to a time machine would be like having the ability to give yourself a fortune. One way to do it would be to go back in time and put in heavy bets on huge underdogs. Buster Douglas against Mike Tyson? The odds were 42 to 1 that Buster Douglas would win. How about the Miracle Mets in 1969? The odds in late August were approximately 100 to 1 to win the World Series. Remember when the Red Sox were down 3-0 to the Yankees in 2004 in the ALCS then came back to win the next four? The odds of that happening were 120 to 1. It’s easy to see how some of these bets could have netted you some serious cash.


Invest in United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

Louis Chenevert Led UTC as CEO of the Company

Another time when it would have paid off nicely in acquiring stocks was back in 2008 when Louis Chenevert (who we’ve written about here) was made the CEO and president of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC, a company that was involved in many things including aerospace, aircrafts, and engines, had just put the reins to the future in Chenevert’s hands.

Louis Chenevert was ready to lead the company to new heights. He had risen through the ranks over the years once he graduated from college in Montreal. He had worked for General Motors for over a decade in production, then switched over to later become president of the Pratt & Whitney Company, a subsidiary of UTC. From 2008 to 2014 when he unexpectedly retired, Louis Chenevert led UTC into huge profits. In fact, one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. A share of UTC at the beginning of his tenure would have cost $37. At the end of his reign, one share had increased to $117. Just going back in time ten years could net you a fortune with the UTC stock, thanks to Louis Chenevert.

Befriend Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was a very wealthy man. He was, in fact, worth billions. Some people considered him actually crazy or even mentally ill later on in life, but since he was quite rich, the term that should be used is eccentric. Going back in time and becoming his best friend early on in life could have meant great things for you. When he passed away he didn’t have any children or direct descendants. However, if you did go back in time and became best friends forever with him, don’t change him in any way because the butterfly effect could ruin your future fortunes. With your improper guidance, he might have become just an usher in the local town theater. It’s weird how those things work out, but you always see them happening in time machine movies.

Hughes made an investment of $7 million in the airline TWA in 1952. With this sizable investment, he received 78 percent of the airline. Eventually, after a lawsuit, he was forced to sell his shares in the company about ten years later or so. Don’t feel bad about it though. He turned that initial investment of $7 million into $550 million. And as if karma is still looking on Hughes favorably, TWA would later go into bankruptcy around the year 2000.

Buy the Coke Company

The popular soft drink was actually created by a pharmacist that was interested in curing headaches with his concoction. It wasn’t bringing him much money, so he decided to sell off the rights to it. He sold it in 1891 for $2,300. That was a nice chunk of change back then.

But the person he sold it to thought Coke could just be an ordinary refreshing drink for all to enjoy. It turns out he was right. Plus, in 1923, that person sold the company for a flat $25 million. This was a much larger chunk of change. And how much is Coke worth today? It is worth, roughly, a $188 billion. By the way, the largest single stockholder of Coke is Warren Buffett. With how well he has done in business, you wonder if he has had a time machine available to him for decades.


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