USHEALTH Advisors CEO Troy McQuagge is No Ordinary Executive


Troy McQuagge is currently the president of USHEALTH Group, an American company that specializes in health coverage. Since 2014, Troy has walked great strides with USHEALTH Group close to his side.


Mr. McQuagge went to school at the University of Central Florida, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983. That same year, he was hired by Allstate Insurance, one of the largest insurers in the United States. He became an insurance advocate for students at United Insurance Companies, Inc. (UICI) in 1995. Just two years later, Mr. McQuagge was moved to President at UGA, a subsidiary of UICI.


The company was purchased by investors in 2006. Rather than searching for opportunities outside of UICI, Mr. McQuagge was retained by the investors. Troy was , an entity formed specifically for him.


While at HealthMarkets, he brought home sales in health and life coverage totaling more than $1 billion in total annual volume. Troy He began as the president and chief executive of USHEALTH Advisors (USHA), a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, where Mr. McQuagge remained until his most recent promotion to president of the parent company.

Health Coverage Expertise Brings Industry Recognition & Awards

In 2017, Troy McQuagge was named the Gold Winner for  CEO of the Year at the CEO World Awards®.  This panel is made up of a board of leaders in the business world. The CEO World Awards® makes up a portion of the SVUS Awards® recognition program and is a sister awards show of the Golden Bridge Awards, Consumer World Awards, and Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards.



Mr. McQuagge is no stranger to the SVUS Awards® circuit, as he was named the Most Innovative CEO of the Year in Insurance at the CEO World Awards® in August of 2016. As seen by independent award selection bodies, an important factor in Mr. McQuagge’s rise to success is likely his proven leadership abilities in helping USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors become two of the most successful companies in the individual health insurance space in the United States.


CEO Troy McQuagge
Troy McQuagge

As a result, USHG and USHA are no strangers to industry awards and recognition themselves. In this year’s rendition of the Stevie Awards, over 2,300 nominations for various awards were considered, including companies from a wide range of industries. A total of 77  business professionals convened to determine the award winners across 61 categories. USHEALTH Group was honored to be among one of the winners, recognized for their unique customer service platform.

USHEALTH Group recently received a Gold Winner award in 2017’s CEO World Awards® for their Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of the utmost importance among modern consumers, as many people expect business entities to give back to their communities.


USHEALTH Advisors has also been winning awards for a considerable length of time. The company has also been highly successful in performing sales functions. In 2011, it set three sales records across the entirety of the health coverage industry in the United States, selling more than any other entity in the nation.

Looking Towards Future Growth with USHG & USHA

It was during 2011 when USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors began to recognize the need to provide quality health coverage to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Through its focus on this important market segment, USHEALTH Group has reached exponential growth, a milestone that is directly tied to Troy McQuagge and his leadership. The company has grown sixfold during his time, not to mention the share price rising to more than 29 times its value since 2010 – an astounding 2,800 percent.


USHEALTH Group is currently headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The company strives to offer innovative health coverage to its many customers across the country, most of which are self-employed persons and small business owners.

With award-winning leadership and an impressive record of growth, USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors are expected to excel in the health coverage field for many years to come.



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