(UPDATED) Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging


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Numerous diseases become more common as people grow older. Among others, they include arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and high blood pressure. The health care system primarily focuses on treating these conditions rather than preventing them. Arizona philanthropist Jason Hope has embraced a different approach. He seeks to help people live longer by slowing down or reversing the aging process.

Hope has supported a charity known as the SENS Foundation for a number of years. He began funding its work when he donated $500,000 in December 2010. This organization strives to help the public gain access to technology that would counteract aging and prevent the above-mentioned illnesses. Hope announced his initial contribution at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts during an event called Breakthrough Philanthropy.

Aubrey de Grey serves as the leader and chief science officer of this 501c3 nonprofit. He co-founded it approximately eight years ago. The SENS Foundation operates laboratories and performs medical research. It maintains an office in Mountain View, Calif. De Grey possesses a strong desire to reverse aging; he has personally contributed more than $10 million to his organization.

After donating a half-million dollars, Hope spoke about the foundation and highly praised its work. He endorsed its strategy to fight diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The philanthropist predicted that SENS would help bring about tremendous changes in the medical industry. He disclosed a desire to expedite the organization’s work in a way that will benefit the entire human race.

The SENS Foundation’s chief executive officer commented on Hope’s initial donation. Mike Kope highlighted the contribution’s importance; it enabled the nonprofit to take faster action against illnesses that afflict the elderly. He expressed a wish to use biotechnology in new ways that will rejuvenate people. Generous donors’ funds could help make this possible.

Aubrey de Grey talked about a specific purpose for the $500,000 contribution. He said that the money would help SENS find ways to prevent artery-cell proteins from bonding. De Grey wants to accomplish this because it could stop arteries from hardening and triggering high blood pressure. This project also has the potential to prevent skin deterioration, diabetes and eye problems.

Hope’s donations aid the development of medications known as AGE-breakers. This type of drug attempts to eliminate advanced glycation end-products. These substances build up in a person’s flesh as he or she ages. They cause veins and skin to become less flexible. Although medical professionals succeeded in developing AGE-breaking medicines for small animals, they have yet to adapt this concept in a way that benefits people.

Fortunately, researchers recently identified the most prevalent kind of end-product in the human body. They recognize that glucosepane promotes aging and multiple health problems. The SENS Foundation continues working to identify effective strategies to banish this substance from the skin and veins. Although the medical industry has largely ignored this potential solution, donors like Jason Hope have empowered SENS to perform further research.

His $500,000 contribution also permitted the foundation to establish an important laboratory program in the United Kingdom. This glucosepane-related project began at a Cambridge University lab during 2011. Scientists worked to identify compounds that would break up harmful glycation end-products. The school’s biotechnology and chemical engineering department oversaw the program, and William Bains served as its director.

Investor Peter Thiel co-founded PayPal in the past and currently serves as the chairman of the Thiel Foundation. He strongly praised Hope’s first contribution and repeatedly donated his personal savings to SENS. Both men recently gave more than $1 million. Hope has also worked to raise awareness of anti-aging research and help attract additional donors to the organization.

The Arizona philanthropist spoke about his reasons for supporting this nonprofit. He said that conventional health care providers only seek to manage heart, lung and Alzheimer’s diseases after these conditions have triggered harmful symptoms. Hope wants to stop the illnesses from developing in the first place. He believes that these medical conditions bear a considerable amount of responsibility for premature aging.

Like Aubrey de Gray, Hope thinks that scientists genuinely have the potential to reverse aging. New medications could accomplish this by targeting specific cells, according to the businessman and philanthropist. He notes that researchers need to use stem cells to maximize their progress in developing such medicines. Hope has also made donations to help people with specific age-related diseases. For instance, he supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Who Is Jason Hope?

This talented investor and entrepreneur began his life in Tempe. After high school, he attended financial classes at a state university. Hope successfully earned a master’s degree in business administration. He founded multiple technology-related startups after graduation and became well-known throughout the industry. His Phoenix-area companies prospered; Hope accumulated enough wealth to start making major philanthropic donations.

He currently resides in Scottsdale and provides consulting services to businesses. His wise advice helps clients succeed in a wide range of industries. The experienced consultant takes an interest in education, politics and the internet of things. Hope reads books about the latest technologies and their potential impact on society. He also enjoys running and carefully tracks his progress.

Hope’s philanthropy extends beyond anti-aging research. He also gives to an assortment of medical and educational nonprofits that benefit people in Arizona and around the globe. They include the Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, the Arizona Science Center, the Boys and Girls Club, Teach For America and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Many of these organizations maintain offices in Phoenix or a nearby city.

Students can directly request grants by completing a short form on Hope’s website. He provides funding to each person who submits an appealing and innovative idea. These donations range from $500 to $5,000. The concepts must involve modern technology, and beneficiaries need to be attending university or high school classes. His website also encourages other people to become philanthropists and provides a few tips to help them get started.

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  1. That’s a lofty aspiration – figure out how to stop hardening arteries. would save so many lives. I wish them all the luck. So glad there are people working on things like this.

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  3. SENS Foundation project and goals are really promising and its great to know that Jason Hope is supporting it! he’s really kind and generous to donate that 500,000 to SENS foundation.

  4. Great article. I am a big advocate of preventing disease rather than treating diseases once they occur. I think the health care system in this country and worldwide should move towards an approach that focuses on slowing down the aging process so that we can live longer and more fulfilling lives.

  5. His generous donation will be helpful in the pioneering work on reversing the aging process which in turn would prevent any illnesses.

  6. I’m so glad there are people like Jason out there helping others. We all need to be more encouraging of others, and it looks like Jason is a great example!

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  8. This article reminded me of the good in the world. Jason’s dedication and purpose was excellent ! Most people do not try to prevent situations BEFORE hand and he is trying to show people how to make,more out of life

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