Modern Home Renovation Inspired By Siteline Cabinetry


Siteline Cabinetry offers a wide range of well-made full-access cabinets. Designers frequently add them to new or remodeled bathrooms, kitchens and offices. This company manufactures attractive products in a variety of styles that can accommodate the decor of nearly any building. It prioritizes quality, durability and customization. Buyers benefit from affordable pricing as well.


Siteline doesn’t own or rent any warehouses. This firm separately manufactures and paints or stains every cabinet as it receives orders. It uses an assortment of materials, such as veneers, solid wood and particleboard. Clients may customize numerous aspects of each product. These attributes include the wood species, color and drawer type.

The cabinets come in styles ranging from traditional to modern. Siteline’s transitional designs suit homes that combine old-fashioned and contemporary architecture. Before shipping them to buyers, factory workers can modify and accessorize these products in multiple ways. Although the company primarily sells full-access cabinets, it’s possible to add frames if necessary.


Clients have 289 different finishes and materials to consider. The finishing options include a variety of paints, stains, laminates, glazes and wraps. Seven out of 10 buyers request paint, according to company founder Pat Corsi. White kitchen cabinets have recently gained popularity. At the same time, more and more homeowners favor darker colors that bring nature to mind.

Siteline Cabinetry offers a vast selection of cabinet doors. They come in more than 45 different styles. The materials range from alder to aluminum. Other options include cherry, walnut, red oak, maple, acrylic and thermofoil. For instance, the Ziegler and Franklin styles feature maple construction and five drawers.

Clients may choose to add specialized storage accessories to Siteline Cabinetry products. They can request custom drawers that hold and organize utensils, pans, seasonings, vegetables, bread or office supplies. The accessories help people make the most of limited storage space and find belongings as quickly as possible.


This company maximizes quality and expedites production by using the latest manufacturing equipment. The machines include a Weeke Vantech router, Holzma panel saw, Balestrini miter saw and Brandt Ambition edgebander. Siteline’s QuickWood sander reliably smoothes every wooden edge. This not only enhances safety but helps the finish last longer. Clients also benefit from a fully computerized design and ordering system.


This company makes all of its products in America. It decided to locate the manufacturing plant in Keysville, Va. for several different reasons. This area has many experienced workers who know how to operate machinery. It’s also near multiple suppliers and cabinet dealers. Clients help preserve U.S. manufacturing jobs when they choose this brand.

Siteline regularly trains its workers to ensure that they can quickly and consistently produce quality merchandise. The staff in Keysville includes talented craftspeople, finishers, managers and customer service personnel. Founder Pat Corsi recognizes the importance of hiring friendly, knowledgeable representatives. These individuals answer questions and handle orders for cabinets or replacement parts.


Long lead times can prevent workers from finishing a construction or remodeling project for months. Fortunately, Siteline Cabinetry’s manufacturing system enables it to swiftly assemble and deliver products. Lead times range from about 28 to 35 days. The company’s staff can perform a wide variety of production tasks in a single facility. Its location in Virginia also minimizes shipping distances for clients in major cities like New York, Chicago, Madison and Newark.


Siteline Cabinetry doesn’t merely claim to offer long-lasting products. It assures customers of the cabinets’ quality by providing a limited lifetime guarantee. This warranty solely benefits the original owner. Siteline replaces or fixes defective merchandise. Its authorized dealers handle most claims, but the guarantee remains in effect when a dealer goes out of business or stops selling these cabinets. The manufacturer will process claims if this happens.


Siteline doesn’t directly sell its cabinets to the public. The company exclusively ships products to businesses with design expertise. They include construction firms, freelance designers and remodelers. These resellers help people customize cabinets in ways that optimize their appearance and functionality. Homeowners can find them in cities across the United States.

One example of an authorized dealer is Luxcraft Cabinets. This firm maintains two locations in New Jersey. It offers professional kitchen and bath design services. Luxcraft supplies and installs an assortment of fine cabinets. Homeowners can arrange complimentary consultations and preview three-dimensional designs at no cost.

Royal Kitchens and Baths began serving New Jersey and New York residents in 1989. This authorized Siteline Cabinetry dealer sells products ranging from sinks to light switches. In addition to remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, Royal finishes residential basements. It provides free consultations for homeowners in Passaic, Rockland, Westchester, Fairfield and Bergen counties.

Other authorized dealers serve the Western and Midwestern states. Colorado’s Forte Design Studios began selling Siteline Cabinetry items in 2016. A short time ago, designer Megan Tennant selected its cabinets for the kitchen in a modern Fort Collins home. Indy Custom Cabinets also became a Siteline dealer during the past year. It recommended this manufacturer’s products for a new house in Westfield, Ind.

Siteline’s History

A long history often gives people greater confidence in a brand’s merchandise. After all, it’s easier for a firm to stay in business if it supplies well-made goods and treats customers with respect. Although Siteline Cabinetry was established in 2015, its parent company has existed much longer.

Pat Corsi founded the Corsi Group in July 1973. A loan from the Small Business Administration helped him accomplish this. The Indianapolis company eventually hired 200 employees and opened additional factories. When it created Siteline, it bought the Keysville plant and expanded this facility by 47,000 square feet. Corsi plans to gradually increase production while taking steps to maintain a high level of quality.

To sum it up, Siteline Cabinetry provides a wide selection of cabinets that designers can personalize in several ways. Skilled workers use durable materials and up-to-date equipment to rapidly manufacture each product in accordance with buyer preferences. Siteline sells its cabinets through a variety of authorized dealers. Their customers appreciate the brand’s competitive pricing and lifetime warranties.

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  1. After looking into what Siteline Cabinetry has to offer, I’m impressed by the many options to choose from. Anyway, how do I get a quote? Also, I’d like to confirm if you really have up to 289 finishes and materials clients can choose from. Thanks!

  2. Ask anyone who has just completed their modern home renovation, and you’ll know it’s not a stroll in the park. Siteline Cabinetry cleared my doubt and gave me a great quote and was willing to create cabinets in line with my custom requests. I’ll update once I get my cabinets installed!

  3. When I shared with friends that I was remodeling my kitchen cabinets and counters they all had a pretty similar reaction. Most of the sentiment asked me if it was really worth my time, the money and the hassle.

    Working with Siteline turned out to be a fairly straightforward process. I was on a trim budget for the project, and I loved that Siteline spoke with me about that right up front. Prices were actually a bit under what I expected and included installation. Siteline has a reputation for being modestly priced while still offering top-level service and quality.

    By mixing different wood types, colors and finishes I was able to find exactly what I wanted. It was possible to make up over a thousand combinations by mix and matching. I actually enjoyed tinkering with various combinations until I found exactly what I wanted.

    After my cabinets were installed I could not get over how high quality they were. Now that I have my cabinets I can definitely see a difference in low quality cabinets.

    Overall, I was extremely impressed with Siteline Cabinetry. I felt like the process was a lot simpler than my friends originally made me believe it was going to be. The budget process was transparent and understandable. I was most impressed by the quality of the product and how it adds value to my home. I would highly recommend Siteline Cabinetry to anyone looking to add fresh cabinets to their home in a simple and effective way.

  4. I was little overwhelmed initially looking into the world of remodeling and cabinetry. However, my cabinet dealer, Sander and Sons, was very helpful and walked me through options with Siteline Cabinetry. They made it very easy to communicate and customize my cabinets to my exact specifications!


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