How Osteo Relief Institute New Jersey Infiltrates the Spread Of Osteoarthritis


Is arthritis currently limiting the quality of life enjoyed by someone you love? Perhaps you’re one of more than 50 million people who currently suffer from stiff, painful joints. While cancer and heart disease take an extraordinary number of lives each year, the number of people who live for years with arthritis is just as alarming. The good news is that you can take action to manage your pain and maximize your quality of life.


Know the Risks


There are more than 100 forms of arthritis, but osteoarthritis, otherwise known as OA, is most prevalent. This condition is caused by the deterioration of cartilage separating the bones. This happens naturally with age, which is why the condition is commonly associated with seniors. As cartilage decreases and joints lose their strength, bones start to rub together. This leads to inflammation, and that translates to stiff, swollen joints that ache.


While anyone may experience osteoarthritis due to natural cartilage breakdown over time, there are some risk factors that dramatically increase your chance of developing some form of arthritis:


  • Overweight/Obesity
  • Family predisposition
  • Past injuries


You have no control over the presence of arthritis in your family tree or the possibility that an old injury could lead to problems with your joints. What you do have control over is the small daily decisions that impact your body weight and overall health. If you have spent your life thinking about nutrition and exercise as ways to keep your waistline in check, it’s time to shift your thinking. Those daily decisions also impact the health of your joints.


The experts at the Osteo Relief Institute in Wall, New Jersey, have spent years consulting with arthritis sufferers who want to live active lifestyles despite their inflamed joints. They have found that the following natural lifestyle changes are effective at reducing the pain of OA and may even help some people control their weight for a reduced chance of developing osteoarthritis or worsening the condition:


  • Change position and move around during the day. Sitting in one position for more than a half hour can cause the joints and muscles to stiffen, causing more pain. Moving around throughout the day also increases your activity level, which helps control your weight.
  • Don’t overuse your muscles or joints. While you want to move more, you don’t want to repeat motions excessively. Overuse leads to injuries and increases your chance of pain.
  • Follow an exercise routine that includes light strength training and cardio workouts, but keep it low impact. Walking is gentler on the joints and muscles than running. You can modify jumping jacks and other high-impact movements. Aim for gradual improvement over time.
  • Incorporate gentle stretches or yoga positions into your daily life. This helps loosen the muscles to naturally reduce stiffness.


While your lifestyle is an important part of your osteoarthritis prevention and treatment plan, it’s important to understand other options available through the Osteo Relief Institute.

Arthritis Relief without Surgery


Have you ever had a doctor tell you that the only way to relieve the pain of arthritis is to undergo surgery? This is common with some doctors who either make money off surgeries or have little understanding of non-invasive treatments for osteoarthritis. That is why patients are often relieved when they meet the dedicated professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute.


Dr. Michael Amendolara specializes in non-invasive osteoarthritis treatment for the knees. Many patients walk in for their initial consultation believing that they need knee replacement surgery but are excited to find out that they have other options (OsteoReliefInstituteLouiville). While the medical staff at the Osteo Relief Institute can help these patients strengthen and stretch their muscles and joints for reduced pain, they also offer minimally invasive injections.


Knee injections for arthritis can stop much if not all of the pain, allowing you to return to an active lifestyle without a recovery period. There are cases in which the injections aren’t effective and arthritis has progressed to the point that a complete knee replacement is necessary. Patients who fall into that category, are often thankful to the medical staff at the Osteo Relief Institute for allowing them to explore every alternative before deciding to go through with surgery.


Whether injections are an option or not, patients also learn stretches and exercises that are effective for anyone suffering from OA. Since the focus is on natural treatments for arthritis, this New Jersey clinic is a great resource for treatments that support the joints rather than wearing them down.

Beating the Clock with the Osteo Relief Institute


Many people assume that there is nothing that they can do to prevent the development of arthritis or to control the pain once it starts to develop. The reason that joint pain is a part of the natural aging process, but this isn’t entirely true. We already discussed how controlling your body weight may reduce your risk of developing arthritis, but the good news doesn’t stop there.


Maintaining a healthy body weight reduces your risk of arthritis because less weight places less stress on your joints, muscles, and bones. The professionals at the Osteo Relief Institute recognize that keeping your muscles and joints strong and flexible can also have a positive impact for those trying to avoid the pain of OA as well as those trying to limit the pain. These objectives fit together because stronger muscles will help you burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Visit our other article about Osteo Relief Institute at


You may need to receive injections from the Osteo Relief Institute if you’re already experiencing stiff, achy joints, but there are some other ways to ease OA pain, including:


  • Apply Warmth – hot showers, long warm baths, heating pads
  • Cold Treatments – ice packs, frozen vegetables resting directly on the inflamed joints
  • Cook with turmeric – spice that naturally reduces inflammation throughout the body
  • Massage therapy – loosens and soothes muscles and joints
  • Physical therapy – guided exercise to relieve arthritis pain


The Osteo Relief Institute is conveniently located near the Bel-Aire Golf Course in Wall Township, but the professionals often accept patients from throughout northeastern New Jersey. They welcome all new patients with a thorough consultation, and then they pinpoint the exact cause of the knee pain. This allows them to utilize their expert knowledge of knee osteoarthritis to develop an effective treatment plan.


If you’re considering surgical intervention to end the agony of arthritis in your knees, it’s to your benefit to consult with the professionals the Osteo Relief Institute before taking that step. There is a good chance that you can end the pain and enjoy an active lifestyle without putting your body through surgery and a long recovery period. Give yourself every opportunity to beat arthritis with less invasive treatments.

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