Clearabee’s Rubbish Clearance Crew is Here to Clean out your Storage Space


Storing items is certainly challenging. Storage spaces often prove too small to accommodate all of your possessions. Even if you can fit your belongings in a storage space, there is the potential for disorganization, clutter and the general accumulation of rubbish. The question looms: What should be done with all that junk?

Get Organized With the Help of Clearabee

The professional rubbish clearance gurus here at Clearabee are ready to help you eliminate all that junk from your storage space once and for all. Though you are likely dreading sorting through all your stored items, it must be done. Tackle this challenge with the assistance of our rubbish clearance team and it will prove much easier than you anticipated. It doesn’t matter if the storage space is in your home, office or a storage facility. Our junk haulers are willing to drive on out to your storage site, load up all those extra items in our trucks and dispose of them in a manner that does not damage the environment.

Do not dive right into this process without any sort of plan in place. Begin by sorting “must haves” from items that should no longer be in storage. It is as simple as that. We will remove the undesired items from your storage site so you are left with an abundance of space. However, we encourage you to be discerning during this process. If you have not used an item in years and likely won’t use it in the future, do not be afraid of letting our rubbish clearance crew haul it away.

How to Tackle Clearing out Several Storage Spaces

If you have several storage spaces or a considerable amount of shelving in a storage space, the project will prove a bit more complicated. Consider assigning specific spaces for certain items. Use especially large labels to identify spaces for important items. Keep your most valuable items protected with bins or specialty bags so moisture does not seep in. You might even find it prudent to add a dehumidifier to prevent moisture damage. Especially large storage organization projects should be broken up into smaller segments. If the storage space has not been organized in a year or longer, do not assume you can separate items in a single outing. It might take several days or weeks to distinguish “keepers” from those to be hauled away by our rubbish clearance crew.

Let our Junk Hauling Experts Handle Rubbish Clearance

Once you have separated items you no longer need in storage from those worth keeping, your work is done. This is the point at which Clearabee takes over. We understand all the subtleties of the new laws and ordinances considering the disposal and destruction of garbage, mechanical waste, electronics and other items. We will fully comply with these laws so you don’t have to stay up to date on the nuances of the rules. Furthermore, we have relationships with groups that recycle, re-purpose and transfer junk. We strive to recycle as much as possible. Resorting to a landfill to dump rubbish is the last resort.

Our aim is to Make Your Storage Space Clean-up Project as Easy and Quick as Possible

Give Clearabee a chance to eliminate all the old, broken, dirty or undesired items from your storage space and you will save plenty of time, effort and money. Think of how nice it will be to simply separate items to keep from those that should be re-purposed. Once you sort through your items, you can clean on Clearabee to ensure your debris is picked up and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. We can drop by your storage space once or several times. Just let us know the amount of rubbish you need removed from your storage area and we will plan accordingly. We work quickly and professionally to finish up your junk hauling project with the utmost efficiency. Clearabee’s workers are fully insured and trained so don’t worry about potential accidents. This is a crew you can trust to eliminate your old and undesired items in a courteous and professional manner.

A Rubbish Clearance Team You can be Proud to Work With

Most people who clear out their storage space are undoubtedly relieved to have their junk taken away yet they also wonder what happens to those old, dirty and unnecessary items. Such concern will not cross your mind when you lean on Clearabee to haul away your junk. We recycle the majority of the items we pick up. We are fully committed to being the most eco-friendly rubbish clearance service in the United Kingdom. We know exactly how to safely remove bulky, heavy and dirty items in a green manner.

Whether your storage space has old computers, moldy furniture, large tables or other items, we will explore every avenue possible to re-purpose them. Our mission is to take as few items as possible to the landfill. We are willing to take nearly anything that is not hazardous. Clearabee has the manpower, trucks and junk hauling equipment necessary to remove even the most awkward items from your storage space or other area. So don’t concern yourself with the nuances of hauling away all the items you no longer need in your storage space. This is a major challenge you should not attempt to tackle on your own. Let the professionals at Clearabee handle this portion of your storage clean-out project and you can rest easy, knowing your storage site is finally cleared out.

Contact Clearabee to Schedule Your Rubbish Clearance

If you are planning on clearing out your storage space, office, home or other area, let our professionals handle the haul. We will do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on sorting the good from the bad. This is the helping hand you need to eliminate your junk in the most efficient, safe and affordable manner possible.



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