Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Are on the Cusp of Re-Inventing Communications


Talk Fusion has won awards in the past for its efforts in the technology industry, and the video marketing company along with their CEO, Bob Reina, continues to move in this direction. At the moment, they are using WebRTC or Real-Time Communications technology to improve the ways in which people engage in live conferences. That may seem like a lofty goal, but it is not all that Talk Fusion is doing. They are also seeking out ways in which they can make it easier for people to create emails and send them.

The Benefits of WebRTC

The truth of the matter is that WebRTC is going to change the way that people connect with each other. That is, there will no longer be any need for third party plugins. People will be able to send messages and chat via video through their applications or web browsers. Right now, they can use VoIP and cloud-based solutions, but the new WebRTC is going to be cheaper and easier than those two options.

WebRTC is an improvement over VoIP and other technologies because the quality of the sound and the video is better. People will be able to rely on their connections much more than they can with the other technologies because WebRTC is more secure. When WebRTC came to Talk Fusion’s attention, the executives jumped at the chance to take advantage of it in the earliest stages because they saw the enormous potential that it had.

Bob Reina Moves Communications Forward

The digital communications universe saw this new technology as an “underground phenomenon,” according to Bob Reina Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He knew immediately that WebRTC was going to be something formidable in the technology industry. His company was among the first to learn about and improve the technology because he sincerely believed that it would be the thing that takes the communications farther than it has ever gone before.

Talk Fusion has been one company that has led the way toward new trends in the past, and it is definitely going to be the one to do so with WebRTC. The company’s current products fall underneath its “Video Suite” label, and they include Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters and Video Email, and they plan to integrate WebRTC into this sphere. The multi-billion dollar companies in this same industry will have a definite powerhouse to contend with when Talk Fusion introduces its plans to the world.

How Talk Fusion Is Integrating WebRTC into the Company

Bob Reina is intimately aware of how disruptive innovations suddenly appear on the horizon and challenge everything very quickly. Any company that resists these changes runs the risk of being left behind, and it will be impossible for them to catch up with those who have already embraced the technology. To Reina, WebRTC is presenting an opportunity that will not come around again, and he and his company plan to jump in feet first.

Talk Fusion also has a technology that it calls “Live Meetings.” Users can schedule meetings and host first-rate video-conferences and attend them on their computers, tablets or smartphones. They saw this as an excellent opportunity to integrate WebRTC into this platform. The company’s other platforms are well-known around the world for their supremacy, so it was natural for them to add WebRTC to their Video Chat, Video Newsletter and Video Email as well.

Talk Fusion Shows the World How it Is Unique

Bob Reina is proud to say that his company is the only one that presents the public with all of these highly useful products in one place. He believes that he is going to take things even farther by also giving customers WebRTC along with all of his other products.

The company offers its products to clients differently than most technology enterprises. It is a direct selling company that has Independent Associates in more than 140 countries who are marketing the products directly to each customer on a one-on-one basis.

About Bob Reina

Bob Reina founded the video marketing company Talk Fusion in 2007. The first product that the company introduced to the public was “Video Email.” Mr. Reina developed his company to be a direct selling company after he gained experience in this industry while he was still a police officer. The first company he began to work with led him toward success, but the company ended up failing. He knew that the direct selling model could work, so he created his own company to be a part of this industry.

Mr. Reina experienced an epiphany in 2004 when he was searching for a new house in North Carolina. He wanted to share the images of the house with his family and friends, so he tried to upload a video on AOL. The company told him that it was impossible for him to send a video email, but Bob instinctively knew that this was not true. He contacted Dr. Jonathan Chen who helped him create what is now “Video Email.” Video Email was his company’s first product, and he knew that he needed to use direct selling to market it.

Bob Reina has the opportunity to help people realize their goals and dreams through Talk Fusion, but he is also very interested in helping animals as well. He loves the fact that animals give humans unconditional love no matter what is going on in your life. That’s one reason that he so generously gives to animal charities, but he hasn’t forgotten about his days on the police force and gives to those charities as well. He even donated money to an orphanage in Indonesia.


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