Waiakea Water to Release First Fully Degradable Plastic Water Bottles


When Waiakea Inc. announced they were going to be releasing the first ever fully degradable plastic water bottle, many in the industry took notice. The company is already getting global recognition for their Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and for already using plastic bottles that are 100% RPET, but they are determined to set the standard in this industry. Since the inception of Waiakea Water in 2012, the company has been focused on environmental initiatives and significant leaps toward total sustainability.

New Fully Degradable Plastic Water Bottle
Waiakea Inc. has been enjoying huge success in the last few years, mostly due to the incredible tasting water that comes from their natural Hawaiian aquifer. The water is purified naturally through volcanic rock at the rate over several billion gallons each day, and Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has already received numerous taste awards over the years. Waiakea Water CEO, Ryan Emmons, couldn’t improve on the water, so he did the next best thing, work tirelessly to find a way to improve on the bottle. Even from the start, Waiakea Water has been making use of water bottles that are manufactured entirely out of post-recycled bottles. So if everything seems to be working fine, why the need to develop the very first fully degradable plastic water bottle?

Moral Obligation to Giving Back
Part of the reason why those at Waiakea Inc. feel the need to focus on environmental initiatives is because they have a moral obligation to give back after being blessed with such an endless supply of the best tasting purified water on the planet. Back when the company was still trying to make a name for themselves, they focused on donating to local Hawaiians that were struggling. As the company enjoyed more success each year, they began to widen their focus and started donating weeks worth of clean water for every one bottle of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water sold. The company was now providing clean water to people in need in Africa, who were dying at an alarming rate because of water-born illnesses. As the company grew, the environmental initiatives began to reach further across the globe.

Helping Others Access Cleaner Water

Ryan Emmons, the Founder of Waiakea Water, Doesn't Only Lead His Company to Excellence, but Makes Sure Waiakea Water Upholds Environmental and Ethical AwarenessRyan Emmons, founder and CEO of Waiakea Water, partnered with PumpAid to increase his company’s ability to help those that were being deprived of one of the most basic of all human needs. In addition to donating clean water and resources to those in need around the world, his company donates their time and works with PumpAid to help less fortunate communities to access their own supply of clean water. The team at Waiakea Water arrive at the community in need, work with locals to install the water pump using local resources and help from that community, then teach the locals how to access the water and to preserve it so they never have to go without again. As more communities learn how to access clean water on their own, Emmons says they can teach others and future generations how to continue these efforts.

The Push to be the Best Bottled Water
Since Waiakea Water already has the purest tasting water on the planet, their next goal was making the best water bottle. Once they partnered with TimePlast and began experimenting on a new plastic composition, it took over 1,500 experiments to get it right. That persistence certainly paid off, as the first fully degradable plastic water bottle is about to be released. The need for a change was obvious says Emmons, as plastic bottles today are clogging up local landfills at an alarming rate and will not begin to decompose for 1,500 more years. With the help of TimePlast, the new plastic addictive they developed will allow the Waiakea Water plastic bottles to degrade in only 15 years. This is a significant breakthrough that will not only impact an industry, but allow future generations to be able to enjoy the limited resources of the planet.

Reducing Their Ecological Footprint
Despite all the success of Waiakea Water, knowing that each year oceans and landfills were getting overrun by plastic bottles didn’t sit well with the company. Having access to an aquifer that produced billions of gallons of purified water could have sustained this brand for years, but reducing their ecological footprint became priority one. Although the current water bottles made at Waiakea Water are comprised entirely out of post-recycled bottles, it wasn’t enough to make an industry change. Emmons feels that the low-cost of the additive will hopefully convince an industry to change how they produce their bottles. With more consumers focusing on being green and environmentally friendly, Emmons feels this new technology can positively impact the world.

Following the Lead of Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water Understands that the Environment Needs to be a PriorityThe new degradable plastic water bottles used at Waiakea Water have a shorter ecological footprint, and once the industry as a whole sees the benefits, it could revolutionize an industry and the world. The hopes of Waiakea Water is that this new initiative inspires the masses to accept the new technology, especially since it has such a huge commercial advantage. Only a single pound of the additive can alter the composition of one thousand pounds of plastic. What this means for the plastic bottling industry is extremely low-cost applications any company can absorb. The new plastic additive that will create the first fully degradable plastic bottle has the potential to change the CPG industry worldwide.

The success of the Waiakea Water brand comes from three different aspects of the company. First, they have from day one offered customers premium purified water that tastes unlike any on the market today. Next, the company has been giving back to local and worldwide communities that are desperate for clean water. Finally, the company is always looking for ways to take less from the planet and help others in the industry to become more educated on how to operate with a focus on environmental initiatives.

These are part of the reasons Waiakea Water was recently recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies. The mission of the company remains as clear as their water, to provide naturally healthy water while contributing to those in need throughout the world.

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