Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges


Compassionate concern for residents and the ability to deliver physical and emotional support to them are vital characteristics of senior living and care centers at Sussex Healthcare. An independent company that runs 20 homes, the organization offers an exceptional understanding of the needs of its clients. The range of its successful programs focuses on older people, but it extends to other needs as well. Clients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, experience physical or learning difficulties or those who have neurological disabilities can receive expert professional help at Sussex Healthcare.

Taking a Different Approach

With a deep understanding that good health means more than not having an illness, the homes at Sussex Healthcare provide supportive care for the essential areas of life. Access to leisure through participatory social and recreational programs promotes a feeling of well-being that contributes to overall good health. The organization’s dedication to treating the whole person creates a distinctive difference that separates Sussex from others. Respect for the individuality of each patient provides an opportunity for the staff to match previous interests such as taking quizzes, dancing, crafting, cooking and reminiscing with current abilities. Art therapy offers a form of expression that many find therapeutic. Caring support encourages everyone to participate in recalling fun events from the past and creating new ones.

Providing Specialized Care

The scope of programs that Sussex Healthcare offers for patients is extensive, and it provides excellent support for patients who need and deserve special attention. Each home features person-centered care, and most of them offer professional nursing around the clock. With a variety of specialist therapies, the organization can provide the most efficient and appropriate treatment for a range of conditions. Its facilities feature special-purpose areas and equipment such as track hoists, spa pools and multi-sensory rooms that help support the quality of life within the homes.

Providing Care for Older People

The warm and inviting environment of Sussex Healthcare stems from a philosophy that firmly supports the right of older people to enjoy a safe and comfortable life. The choice of a home for the elderly to enjoy in their golden years may rest on loved ones who want to enhance the physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of life for their friends or relatives. As a vital support for the innovative program of therapy and activities, Sussex Healthcare places emphasis on providing nutritious meals of fresh ingredients that allow the trained chefs to create elegant, wholesome and delicious food for comfortable and relaxed dining. The pervading atmosphere at the Sussex homes reflects the understanding that clients deserve to live a normal life to the extent possible with the respect of those who help them achieve it.

Caring for Dementia Patients

A forward-thinking approach to dementia care recommends providing an active lifestyle, and the professionals at Sussex Healthcare endorse it wholeheartedly. The organization provides peace of mind for loved ones who may no longer have the capacity to care for relatives in their homes. The company offers dementia training to everyone on staff as well as on-going learning and development opportunities that help maintain a knowledgeable professional base for patient support. The person-centered approach to care respects each client as an individual, and the staff interacts with them to develop personal relationships. With an understanding of dementia, the team takes care to provide a sense of familiarity for clients who experience memory loss.

Coping with Neurological Conditions

The quality of care that acquired brain injury and neurological conditions require is a hallmark of the services that Sussex Healthcare provides. The homes can support complex situations with a dedicated staff of fully trained professionals who help the speech and language therapists and the in-house physiotherapists. The crucial protocols that distinguish Sussex Healthcare from other providers include the alternative therapies of aromatherapy and reflexology. The spa hydrotherapy pools provide deep relaxation that trained staff members encourage clients to experience. Consultants and specialists from leading hospitals work closely with Sussex Healthcare teams to ensure a broad level of understanding for clients who cope with acquired brain injury or neurological conditions. Clients benefit from physiotherapy and hydrotherapy as aspects of the social and care programs.

Caring for Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PLMD)

Sussex Healthcare provides person-centered care for people with PLMD that demonstrates a superior understanding of the challenges that the conditions present. Specialized equipment and facilities complement the highly skilled staff and help support disabilities of many kinds. Round the clock care ensures clients and loved ones of a level of quality care that provides peace of mind. En-suite baths adjoin bedrooms with track hoists to facilitate convenience and create a sense of well-being and comfort. A flexible approach to serving clients makes college activities and outreach programs available for those who want them, and therapeutic interventions contribute to the homes’ 24-hour services. Care extends to letting clients shop for their food choices, mow the grass and have work experiences. The program creates a supportive environment that resembles an ordinary home’s atmosphere.

Appreciating Contributions from Board Members

As a board member of Sussex Healthcare, Dr. Shafik Sachedina brings experience in coordinating programs for the Ismaili community’s institutions. His volunteer work with the Aga Khan and Jamati institutions reflects his respect for the tradition of voluntary service. Upon graduation as a dental surgeon from the University of London, the native of Dar-es-Salaam practiced dentistry for many years in England. His sense of duty enables him to serve the Ismaili community, including two consecutive terms as President of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani brings experience as an entrepreneur who won the Hotelier of the Year award in 2016. As chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, he leads an enterprise that provides elegant lodging in England. His role as a founding Co-Chairman of Sussex Healthcare offers essential leadership for an organization that provides superior services to many who have special needs.



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