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In a polarized political climate, even news sources can be biased. When this happens, it is hard to figure out who to trust for your information. That is why it is imperative to have reliable experts on the air. If you crave this type of news, then tune in to “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.”

The program hit the airwaves in September 2017, and live broadcasts are shared every Sunday at 12:30 in the afternoon. In order to make the show accessible, the weekly program is hosted on various streaming platforms. This includes Youtube and Facebook. The show may also be accessed via the professional website of Dr. David Samadi.

If you have never heard of Dr. David Samadi, then you may wonder what the fuss is all about. Samadi is a celebrity doctor who gained mainstream attention as a guest commentator on Fox News. He became a popular guest on news programs because of his unparalleled medical expertise and his camera-friendly demeanor. He was so popular in this role that he eventually went on to host his own weekly radio show, which aired for listeners in the New York area.

As his status continued to grow, making the transition to a live television broadcast only seemed right. “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” features Samadi’s clear hosting style, allowing him to easily highlight major issues related to the state of modern healthcare

It is not merely his broadcast experience that makes Dr. David Samadi a good choice for this type of program. The fact is that Samadi is actually an established doctor with a thriving medical practice in New York. Samadi currently holds a position at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he focuses on fighting prostate cancer with robotic surgeries. He is not merely a practicing doctor at Lenox Hill. He is actually the head of the urology department and also in charge of all robotic surgeries at the hospital.

His rise to prominence in the medical community is thoroughly documented. As a teenager in Iran, he was forced to leave his home country for fear of persecution. Despite this turbulence, Samadi still found time to excel at his studies. By the time he settled in the United States, he had established a strong resume for college, and he was granted a full scholarship to attend Stony Brook University. He continued his graduate work at Stony Brook, where he completed his medical school training.

From here, Samadi started to hone his skills. He studied urology first and quickly added proctology to his expertise. He pursued a study in cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. It was here that he first began to successfully treat urological and proctological cancers. While he excelled at traditional treatment methods, his interests pushed him for better alternatives. Even at this early stage of his career, he wanted to push the boundaries to provide patients with superior outcomes.

This is why he ultimately studied in France to learn about robotic surgeries. Robotic surgeries can be used to streamline care. The precision and accuracy can reduce the amount of time it takes to recover, which can minimize the risk of complications for patients. These surgeries are especially useful with proctological and urological conditions, which means that Dr. David Samadi soon gained enough experience in France to become an international expert.

After finishing, he established a practice, and he rapidly attracted attention from patients and hospital leaders alike. He outgrew practices at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Finally, as his practice boomed to record numbers in 2012, he made the move to Lenox Hill Hospital. Here, Samadi continues to practice, and he helps patients from all over the region with their proctological and urological problems.

As people sought his medical opinion with more tenacity, Samadi began to explore other avenues to share his voice. This led to his professional website and his weekly radio show. With these venues, he was able to develop a strong and loyal following. His medical know-how and his conversational talking style made him an apt ambassador, and he was able to effectively bridge the gap between advanced medical knowledge and the needs of the everyday person.

This is the same dynamic that can be seen each week on “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” The show features a conversational format, and Samadi welcomes various guests to discuss relevant medical issues every week. Many of these issues have been borrowed from the headlines, which allows him to give his viewers a new perspective on scary and controversial topics. His guests further delve into these issues, offering unique and rounded perspectives that can help viewers be better informed about important aspects of their health.

Specifically, Samadi embraces healthcare from a practical and holistic point of view. He is a passionate advocate for overall wellness, and he seeks to provide advice that helps people improve their health in everyday instances. Relevant topics have included women’s health, exercise, food choices, prostate health and more. His guests are chosen with equal care. All are established experts in the medical or wellness fields. Many have published relevant books or released important medical products that have been peer-reviewed.

The conversational format is not intended merely for the guests. Instead, Samadi’s program invites viewers to join the conversation as well. Since the program is broadcast live every Sunday, viewers can call or email with questions directly. In many cases, these questions are addressed live on the show for immediate feedback. Questions can also be sent in throughout the week, which means they can be answered the following week. This format allows viewers to ask the questions they need answered, and it gives Samadi the feedback he needs to center his program on the topics that truly matter.

While a single talk show cannot fix the polarized state of news media, a sound voice of reason can only help. For a voice you can trust, tune in for “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.”

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