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Market America is unlike the franchise models that give you some tools, and then leave you in the lurch. There’s a whole network of highly skilled professionals there for both beginning, experienced, and expert UnFranchise owners. It’s important to keep connected with the community. And it’s vital to business growth for UnFranchise owners to regularly attend Market America events. Market America CEO JR Ridinger has stressed on many occasions that the only people who really succeed with Market America are readily involved with events throughout the year. There are different focuses at each type of event, so you can be sure that you’re not going to an event only to hear the same information over and again. There are different types of Market America Events, all tailored with alternative messages and levels of group interaction. Also, some events even provide certification for those UnFranchise owners who want to become trainers and experts in their products.


Product Symposiums are one of the foundational Market America events for UnFranchise owners to attend. These are held on both the west and east coasts, cutting down travel costs for UnFranchise owners. Executive Vice President Dennis Franks said that “Simply put, the Product Symposium offers a wealth of critical knowledge at an incredible value.” The goal of this event is for UnFranchise owners to deepen their understand of the products, cultivate belief in the product lines, and develop clear comprehension of product price justification. Speakers at this event hold prestigious degrees and roles in our society. The value of attendance far outweighs the cost for the Symposium. Not only do UnFranchise owners walk away from this event with a stronger connection to the products, but they also take part in training to grow their Preferred Customers relationships. All of this information is transferrable to team training, though your team would benefit from coming along!


The Market America World Conference is all about reinforcing Market America values and really getting UnFranchise owners into the headspace to tackle their goals. It’s not just a pep talk, it’s a clear delineation of the steps you need to take. Through this, you’ll be able to identify the ways in which you’ve been going about your UnFranchise business, and how you can streamline your incremental daily progress towards earning your residual income. The World Conference doesn’t end once you’re on your way home. There are Conference notes to review, themes to discuss with your team members, and action steps to be taken. On an emotional level, these Market America events reinforce to UnFranchise owners that they’re not alone. It’s a place of comfort and kindred energy, especially for owners who don’t have supportive friends and family. As is stated in the 2017 World Conference slideshow recap, “Family, friends and people will not encourage or support you — but will discourage and criticize you, hoping that you will fail, because if you do succeed, their own mediocrity will be exposed… Succeed anyway!”


One of the largest Market America events you can attend is the Market America International Convention. The air at these events is electrifying with positivity and unmatched in community support. Not only do attendees come away with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to succeed, but they also receive tangible tools to manifest their professional and personal goals. International Conventions provide training for cultivating a strong business mindset, getting rid of your excuses for underperformance, and optimizing your Shopping Annuity. On top of that, attendees are introduced to new Market America products and services. When you attend Market America events, you’re in a unique position to share what you have learned with your teammates who couldn’t attend. You’re put into a powerful role of accountability for yourself and your team – what will you do with what you learn?


Experienced Market America UnFranchise owners who meet designated qualifications can become Certified Trainers. Individuals in this position are field leaders, and undertake the responsibility to engage and help other UnFranchise owners grow their businesses. Some of these training events occur right before other events like the World Conference. It’s a convenient way to do your training or recertification, just arrive a few days early for the Conference! If you’re looking to be recertified, there’s an Online Recertification School available in English and Mandarin. It’s an easy way to renew your certification without having to leave home.


With Market America Events, there’s really no shortage of ways to excel as an UnFranchise owner since you’re given so many opportunities to refine your skillset. You can obtain Certification Training for the various product lines. This will enable you to really focus on what you’re selling and hone your ability to relate with your customers. Whether your product line is Motives by Loren Ridinger, WebCenter, TLS Weight Loss Solution, or nutraMetrix, you have the opportunity to create more impact through your product.


Moving Up Seminars are a favorite Market America event for top earners. These Seminars, which are designer as a close-knit meeting ground, really allow UnFranchise owners to cultivate strong ties to the organization, and broaden their experience base. It’s specialized training featuring some of the biggest players in Market America’s success. Regarding a recent Moving Up Seminar in Miami, JR Ridinger said “Working with these driven and focused entrepreneurs is such a thrill for me because we get to discuss the concepts and practices that are driving the success of our company with the people who are implementing these practices in the field.” There’s nothing to be understated about the fact that this is a close forum for UnFranchise owners who are wholeheartedly dedicated to their American dream.


To be a top UnFranchise owner, it’s imperative that you consistently attend Market America events. Community and inter-connectedness is at the heart of Market America. And between Market America events throughout the year, stay in touch with your fellow UnFranchise owners by participating in online conversations. There’s no shortage of supportive blog posts and information-wealthy people you can talk to. When Market America events are announced, make sure to meet and discuss attendance with your team members. Plan to go together, and ensure that you can get as many members to go as possible. If you have new UnFranchise owners on board, this may even mean paying it forward and helping them get there. Do what you can so that you prioritize learning and fostering your team’s success.




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