Ugly Drinks Enters U.S. Market with Livio Bisterzo’s Help


A British club soda company known as Ugly Drinks has partnered with Green Park Brands and its talented CEO Livio Bisterzo. Green Park will help the firm begin selling sugar-free flavored beverages in American shops by 2018. British customers currently buy Ugly Drinks at Whole Foods Market and more than 1,000 other stores. Although they only started the business about a year ago, co-founders Hugh Thomas and Joe Benn have achieved great success.


Green Park Brands maintains headquarters in Los Angeles. It became well known in the United States after introducing a snack called Hippeas. The company’s chief executive says that Ugly Drinks appeal to many of the same people who enjoy Hippeas products. Nonetheless, he plans to promote the beverages in a different way and distribute them separately. The Ugly Drinks co-founders will retain control over their firm’s operations in the U.S.

Livio Bisterzo spoke about the brand’s potential to gain popularity among American millenials. He noted that typical sugary sodas had become less appealing for young people. Some millenials have turned to well-established sparkling water companies like Polar, but these brands seldom succeed at marketing themselves to this demographic group. Ugly Drinks co-founder Hugh Thomas made remarks on the same subject. He mentioned that his brand could attract young Americans by promoting itself in a comparatively fashionable and engaging way.

Plans For Expansion

The beverage company intends to prepare for its U.S. debut during the second half of 2017. It plans to hire new employees who will work in North America. Residents of the northeastern states can expect to find Ugly Drinks products in local stores during the first months of 2018. In an effort to cut costs and limit emissions, the firm will establish a manufacturing plant near the regional distribution facility. It hopes to deliver canned beverages to independent specialty and natural food retailers.

Green Park’s CEO said that Ugly Drinks could eventually sell additional products, but it doesn’t currently plan to diversify beyond club soda. He expressed confidence in the brand’s ability to achieve massive sales growth after it succeeds in reaching numerous American stores. Bisterzo noted that the firm still needed to determine if its existing flavors would appeal to customers in the U.S. Ugly Drinks currently sells grapefruit-pineapple and lemon-lime beverages. It plans to introduce two more options in the near future.

About Livio Bisterzo

The man behind Hippeas and Green Park began life in Milan, Italy. He relocated to the United Kingdom upon reaching adulthood. Livio Bisterzo was impressed with the many differences between the English and Italian cultures. He lived in London and attended the renowned University of the Arts. In 2003, the entrepreneur started his first company. He eventually established a number of brands in various economic sectors, such as Kyoku for Men and Maddox Club. During 2009, the Evening Standard listed him as one of 1,000 highly influential London residents.

A year later, Bisterzo decided to depart the skin care and hospitality industries. He soon bought an organic beverage company called Little Miracles. The Denmark-based firm offers a drink that combines juice with iced tea. Today, people in 18 nations can purchase this product. Bisterzo went on to establish Green Park Brands in 2015. He hoped to set up healthy snack and beverage brands that would promote beneficial change in the industry and society.

The CEO and his family moved to California in 2016. During the same year, Green Park introduced the Hippeas organic food brand. It offers puffed chickpeas, an energizing vegan snack that delivers abundant protein. Bisterzo focused on developing a highly appealing brand instead of simply promoting the benefits of chickpeas. His company strives to sell snacks in a socially responsible manner, and every purchase results in a small charitable contribution. Hippeas has achieved swift growth by satisfying millenials’ desires to eat healthy foods, help others and support ethical businesses.

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