Richard Mishaan Design Is The Mix Master Of New York


Richard Mishaan has built a reputation as a mix master in interior design. He is known for using ingenuity and creating a peaceful home for the family. His work trickles from luxury homes, hotels to indoor design. To many he is a transformative designer and architect with his line of lighting and furniture. He arranges disparate elements such as a seventeenth-century console and a contemporary sculpture into a harmonious juxtaposition. As a super spirited designer, he has managed to blend iconic furniture, power house art, and patterns bringing life to the area. He has worked at a hotel in Colombia as we
ll as residences in Florida, New York, and the Dominica Republic. You can easily trace his footsteps because he has let an imprint the world of design.

Richard Mishaan Design is unique. He believes it is more about having an eye than having the money. He lives by his philosophy and owns a couch that is over twenty years old. In light of this, we can conclude by saying if you buy a good thing once it lasts for a life time. His furniture shop in Greenwich Village sells a variety of items ranging from contemporary to vintage. He also stocks furniture from his line and transforms the store four times a year. This move lightens things up every time. Richard Mishaan Design is all about transforming a small space into something beautiful and magical. He does this by opening a space and painting the walls and the ceilings with a warm white color. He also encourages “floating” beds to create space. Additionally, his design involves purchasing comfortable low club chairs to open up a room in the living area and painting the wall to create a gesture.

Richard’s unique designs can be seen in his home. His last residence where he lived for eighteen years with his son, daughter and wife is a family space. He filled it with museum quality art and a collection of beautiful furniture. The home shows an appreciation for beauty with art rich in color and sculpture in a park facing the room. The original wooden board and the vaulted ceiling reflect Spanish influence. You will not fail to notice his
bright blue and white kitchen. Also, stiches stripes and plaids are everywhere. The bathroom on the other hand has his iconic Fornasetti wall paper. On the walls, one can see the exuberant assortment of works such as a 19th-century scene by an Italian painter FedeicoAndreotti. He combines tradition and modern

Mishaan’s project embraces individualism as a theme. He
seeks to create a context in every client as opposed to imposing his on their
lives. In his spaces, it is evident the decorator made liberal use of
idiosyncratic art and the high profile associates and friends. As for
furnishing, he surrounds himself with power house Piero Fornasetti carpet
covering the hall from the public rooms to the private spheres. It depicts a
slithering serpent in shades of black, red and green making a vivid statement.
The carpet is alluring and menacing at the same time. If you think the carpet is the most
exciting element in the apartment, then you are wrong. The master bedroom
speaks to his electric eye. The Pacific shades of cream and taupe and David
Hockney’s painting bring visual drama to the bedroom. It is amazing how he managed to completely transform his spaces into beautiful pieces of art by combining different elements.

Another Richard Mishaan design is the Karen Silverman’ home. She shares it with her husband and her two sons. The first thing you are likely to feel is the immediate sense of serenity. Mishaan came in following previous
designers. He kept some pieces as he reworked them and started a fresh with new ones. He then proceeded to reconfigure furniture layouts and opened up circulation paths by pulling large spaces together. Also, the graciously
proportioned rooms will make you feel comfortable. They are furnished with a blend of easy on the eye antiques and a modern furnishings.He argued that the previous layout did not work hence the need to change things as well as adding elements for a complete look. Mishaan worked closely with the owners and mixed new and existing pieces together to reshape and enhance the rooms’ functions. He is not one to shy off from colors. He used white, aubergineand brown a representation of complex, subtle neutrals. The divided light window and the flowers from Silverman’s garden bring an array of colors into the room. The design is elegant and luxurious. He used less to create more, and the owners acknowledged he transformed a house into a home.

We may not be able to analyze all of his works, but from the
two you will agree his designs are amazing. You may wonder where one gets the
inspiration. As for Richard Mishaan design, his inspiration is drawn from
everything around. He takes time to visit art exhibitions and goes to the
extent of attending international design shows. Additionally, theatres,
fashion, and movies inspire him. He gets to know different cultures and customs
creating a difference in the world of interior design. He manages to transform
spaces by looking at how people live their lives and uses this information to
define their experiences. Notably, he brings furniture, and objects from different
periods in time and fuses them to create what the client wants. This fusion has
been Richard Mishaan design signature. Furthermore, he creates a fusion of home
and hotel experience with the models. The customers are left with a feeling of
a fabulous hotel that created a home away from home. He continues to prove he has vision for his designs by establishing better ways to design spaces. Richard is an accurate
representation of what passion can do. He collects pieces without knowing where
to place them but one thing is for sure they are never out of place.

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  1. Also heard the saying “if you buy a good thing once it lasts for a lifetime”. Richard Mishaan Design believes it is more about having an eye than having the money. He lives by his philosophy and owns a couch that is over twenty years old.

  2. This post is so timely as Richard Mishaan design is all about transforming a small space into something beautiful and magical.He does this by opening a space and painting the walls and the ceilings with a warm white color. A lot of videos coming out on social media about home transformations

  3. Richard Mishaan is truly talented aside from it is his craft, his desire is also maybe with delivering or viewing designs. I am also interested in interior design and I want to be like him,like natural.

  4. Richard Mishaan as I used to see on trends is really famous for the unique designs he has made for beautiful houses.

  5. Oh how I wish I could pick up his mind and turn my place into a classy yet comfortable home. Richard Mishaan design is one of a kind that speaks right through the heart. All eyes on those furniture!


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