Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Launches Media App With Innovative Features


The podcast network is vast and filled with diverse content. Many podcasts of varying genres and qualities compete for the attention of time-strapped listeners. To make the podcasting experience pleasant for both listeners and producers of high-quality podcasts, PodcastOne curates and hosts some of the best content in the network.


In the past, PodcastOne has hosted numerous podcasts from some of the most popular personalities on the globe. Stonecold Steve Austin and Larry King regularly create content that is shared on the PodcastOne network.


PodcastOne’s ability to quickly deliver great podcasts to listeners has granted them success in the business world. Thanks to the guidance of its founder, Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne has grown since 2013. The company’s revenues increase on an annual basis. The company’s publicly traded stocks reflect its business success.


After successfully creating a platform for podcasts, Pattiz is ready to expand his company. He understands mobile platforms and groundbreaking technologies are the path of progress. To ensure that his business is not left behind by market forces, he will integrate the PodcastOne network with mobile devices. With the PodcastOne mobile app, users will be able to watch, listen to, and interact with podcast content. At first glance, these features may seem ordinary. However, new social media features are being added to help users interact with media in new ways.



Continuing a Tradition of Success


Norman Pattiz and his team at PodcastOne have developed a tradition of successful business practices. The new mobile application of the original podcast network is expected to continue this tradition.


PodcastOne is currently one of the largest podcast platforms on the globe. Its network has over 200 programs from various categories. For example, a history buff can listen to an episode of Grumpy Old Geeks to learn about historical trends and how they relate to the modern world. To find options like this, users do not need to comb the mobile app until they find a podcast that suits them. Instead, users receive suggestions based on their history and preferences. Recommendations via social media features can also steer users to relevant content.


On average, 340 hours of content are uploaded to the PodcastOne network on a weekly basis. Podcasts on the network are downloaded approximately 1.5 billion times each year. This large figure demonstrates that the network is used by many people across the globe. As the mobile application is introduced to consumers, more people will use the network to watch and listen to high-quality content.



Technological Advantages


While Norman Pattiz certainly wants to expand his network to the sphere of mobile devices, he also aims to change the way people view podcast content. In the past, podcasts were akin to radio shows that were not aired in real time. When compared to a radio show, a podcast has a serious disadvantage. First, the podcast cannot reach the broad audience that radio waves can reach. The traditional podcast also does not offer the possibility of audience interaction; viewers cannot call to comment on the podcaster’s views. However, the podcast does have some advantages. While radio broadcasts are usually temporary due to their live nature, podcasts are saved and shared over the social media networks. Norman Pattiz hopes that he can bring the best of podcasts and live content together with new technology.


To give users new ways to interact with podcast content, PodcastOne is partnering with MANDT VR. MANDTV VR is a production company that specializes in 360-degree videos and virtual reality content. MANDT VR is an experienced studio. Their team has created virtual reality content for numerous shows and organizations. Some of the most notable clients of MANDT VR are Forbes and the Adam Carala Show. They have over 1,000 pieces of content in their permanent library. The company has also won an Emmy for one of their most ambitious projects. By joining the forces of PodcastOne, MANDT VR may help usher in a new age of media.


The technology of MANDT VR will allow PodcastOne to present podcasts in dramatic new ways. Instead of simply listening to audio files, users of the app will be able to virtually sit in the studios with their favorite presenters. Alternatively, users may enjoy the content with groundbreaking effects. To understand this, imagine you are listening to a podcast about the Persian invasion of Greece. With virtual reality technology, the app could place you in the ranks of the Athenian soldiers as they hopelessly defend their city from the onslaught of Persian forces.


PodcastOne has not yet released many details, but the new social media features will change the way people interact with podcasts on social media networks. Users can expect to go beyond sharing and commenting with the PodcastOne app.



Accessible Premium Services


The PodcastOne business model relies on advertisements to earn revenue. Users will be able to opt out of these advertisements with a premium membership. To assist regular users of the app gain access to the premium service, PodcastOne has created an internal market for the app. This app will have a virtual currency that can be earned by viewing and sharing content. This currency may be used to purchase premium services and access special VR events.


The internal market of the PodcastOne app will allow users to enjoy premium services, but it will also encourage users to interact with content. Over time, social media activity will attract a regular flow of people to the PodcastOne network. This social media marketing model represents the brilliance of Norman Pattiz.


With this recent update to his podcast platfrom, Norman Pattiz has demonstrated that he is a true innovator. Pattiz often states that he looks forward to a future where people can seamlessly view multiple mediums at once. With the technology supported in his new app, Norman Pattiz may be able to reach this lofty goal.


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