Nick Vertucci Talks Up The New Generation of Home Buyers: Millennials


Millennials form the largest batch of home buyers. CEO and Founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy advises against stereotyping and harboring any misconceptions about them. According to him, Millennials are open-handed individuals who appreciate the personalized attention.

Nick reiterates that older real estate agents have approached me for guidance when they are faced with a millennial wanting to buy a home. Being a millennial myself and a real estate who encounters fellow Millennials frequently, I am comfortable in walking them through their first home buying experience.’

Despite their vast expertise in the real estate market, the misconceptions on Millennials and their work ethic is an obstacle in their line of duty.

Some three misconceptions I have gotten wind of about working with this new generation include;

They are Lazy

I have heard this phrase countless times from an older agent referring to a millennial client or having worked in collaboration with an agent who harbors fears that working with a millennial is an automatic ticket to more work on the older agent’s plate.

This notion seems far-fetched.

Millennials are technologically savvy and save time with their creativity and resourcefulness. With a click, they can have much done but it can be viewed as laziness by some people yet it is a trait to be applauded and appreciated, if not emulated.

As such, with their technologically savvy tendency, with little to no effort, they can do more in less time with even better or similar results.

Such ingenuity produces buyers who have a firm handle on what they want after extensive research and even have a roadmap on how to achieve this goal.

To emphasize on the smart work produced by Millennials, a 2014 survey by the Elance-oDesk and Millennia Branding freelance platform revealed that around 30 percent of 1000 millennials and 200 hiring managers were already holding managerial positions.

They prefer impersonal communication

Advanced technology has transformed communication into something instantaneous and frequent. Although email and texting are convenient in business arrangements, a personalized message has a great impact more so with a potential home buyer who is a millennial.

Buyers under 28 have a penchant for handwritten thank you notes and personalized notes, some of which I have been a recipient.

Who would have thought that in the transformed fast pace world of real estate, traditional handwritten notes will ooze charm? Face-to-face conversations too have their own reserved place of importance.

If 85 percent of 1,000 Millennials, according to a Matter sight Corporation survey, lean towards a meet and greet with co-workers, then while making a significant investment of their life, personal contact is a sure winner. You will be selling yourself short if you feel that the simple coffee or lunch date means nothing.

Skyping and facetime have brought face to face communication to you at any convenient time. I may not spend eons of time on the phone but a short video conversation is more satisfying than a long phone call.

They are selfish

Truth be told, Millennials are crucified unjustly with regards to selfishness. Millennials are passionate about social justice and enthusiastically volunteer their time and money. They can be the most selfless and generous lot,’ Nick says.

To reiterate this, in 2014, 84 percent on Millennials donated to a charity of their choice, making it an honor to work with such a person. Millennials don’t take it for granted when values are shared with colleagues. Nick encourages a discussion with them on what they feel is close to their heart. They will be thrilled knowing that their agent volunteers or makes a contribution to a charity of choice.’

This self-disclosure may open doors for you, unlike when you keep quiet about these interests that may bring a connection between you two. So next time you come across a millennial, strip yourself off of the misconceptions. Despite people being different, you do not want to shun a large part of the home-buying market.’ Nick states

Millennials will be a force to reckon with in the real estate sector. Shunning these misconceptions will allow you to break the ground into this new generation that comprises the potential home buyers.

About Nick Vertucci

His main philosophy states that the past does not determine his future and because of this, the Founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, was able to rise from nothing into a millionaire. Nick struggled for a while after his computer spare parts business went bust. Like a typical Millennial, he is a fearless go-getter. He never gave up and after a seminar on real estate, he soaked up knowledge for nearly ten years before he was able to come up with a successful strategy that he is open hearted enough to pass on to others through his academy.


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