New England Patriots Defensive End Woes


The New York Patriots high hopes for Derrick Rivers came to a screeching halt after the player tore up his left knee during a preseason practice on Wednesday. Team officials say that the recruit from Youngstown University tore his anterior cruciate ligament and severely sprained his lateral collateral ligament. Therefore, the New England team may be in the hunt for a new defensive end.

Defensive Ends All Ready Gone

Before the season began, the team lost Chris Long and Jabaal Sheard to free agency, and Rob Ninkovich announced that he was retiring. Therefore, the New England Patriots had hoped that Rivers would be able to play ball very shortly. The team has also probably lost Deatrich Wise who took a knee to the head during week 1 of the preseason.

Trey Flowers

The team has Trey Flowers who started in week 10 of last year’s season and started in all three playoff games. He had six tackles in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are counting on him this year to lead the unit.

Kony Ealy

The team also currently has Kony Ealy who is a fourth-year rookie. This player has already had to sit out part of team training camp because of disciplinary action taken by the team’s head coach. Both parties refused to elaborate further on why the coach took this action. He is currently hurt with a shoulder injury that occurred during team practice.

Geneo Grissom

Geneo Grissom is also available to play defensive end for the Patriots. After playing college ball at the University of Oklahoma, Geneo was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2015 NFL draft, he was brought up to the 53-man roster on October 15, 2016. The Patriots played him very sparingly last season.

Caleb Kidder

The Minnesota Vikings originally signed Caleb Kidder as a free agent during the offseason, but on July 27, 2017, the New England Patriots obtained him from the Vikings. He attended the University of Montana where he earned All-Sky honors, and this is his first year in the NFL.

Who Might the New England Patriots Pick Up?

The team may be interested in picking up Paul Kruger who played his best professional football under defensive coordinator Dean Pees. Alternatively, they may be able to secure Dwight Freeney who has 11 sacks and three forced fumbles as a sub-rusher. The team might also be interested in the short-term services of Eugene Sims who could help them develop their young players, but look for the team to release him after others heal if they choose this option.

Who Might the Patriots Move Internally?

The Patriots may consider moving players around within their own organization. Shea McClellin may move over from the edge defender position or they may use Kyle Van Noy who was a former college pass rusher.

The New England Patriots may need to obtain a defensive end after Derrick Rivers went out with a knee injury. The team has several developing players led by Trey Flowers. They may want to bring someone with experience into the organization or they may just move players around internally.

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