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Did you know that more than 9.3% percent of the United States population suffers from Diabetes (this is close to 29 million people!? Thanks to our poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles ne Diabetes infections are on the rise. So what exactly is Diabetes? Simply put, Diabetes is an ailment that detrimentally affects the body’s ability to respond or produce to the essential hormone insulin. Keep in mind that the human body requires insulin in order to use sugar/glucose as an energy source. This debilitating condition results in high glucose levels in the urine and blood because of the consistent abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates. There are three main types of diabetes; Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes develops when the human immune system attacks cells found in the pancreas known as beta cells. This leads to decreased production of insulin. This type of Diabetes typically develops in adolescence of in childhood. It is treated with insulin administration and managed through proper meal planning. On the other hand gestational diabetes is a temporary medical condition that happens to expectant mothers. This condition increases the risk of unborn children and pregnant women developing Diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects 2% to 4% of expectant mothers. Type 2 Diabetes is the third kind, it also happens to be the most dangerous and prominent (90% of Diabetic people suffer from Type 2 Diabetes). Depending on the severity of this kind of Diabetes, it can be managed through planning meals and a regular work-out regimen. In extreme cases a patient may require medication or administration of insulin to help keep blood sugar levels in check.

According the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the risk factors of diabetes Type 2 include being overweight, genetics (having a sibling or parent with Diabetes), advancement in age (persons over 45 are more likely to develop diabetes). Reliable studies have also established that family background also plays a role; Latinos, African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asian Americans and American Indian are more at risk as compared to the rest of the population. Lack of exercises is also another risk factor. When left un-managed, Diabetes has a plethora of detrimental consequences. This include including eye problems, vulnerability to developing infected sores, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, nerve damage, kidney damage and irregular menstruation in women. Diabetes is also linked to dementia and depression. This is why it goes without saying that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce chances of developing Diabetes,and if you already have it, take theinitiative to keep your blood sugar levels in check consistently.

Contrary to common misconception, taking control of Diabetes is not an uphill task. It involves a total lifestyle change that pushes you towards healthy habits. It begins with shedding off the excess weight and keeping it off. This is no easy fete but is nonetheless achievable through constant exercise and adopting healthy eating habits such as cutting down calories, drinking lots of water and increasing fiber consumption. Diabetes management is a gradual process that will take time to make small achievable goals that will fuel your motivation to keep going. Having a great doctor at your corner is also indispensable because you have professional assistance that helps you stay on the right track. An example of a revolutionary doctor committed to helping his Diabetic patients overcome this debilitating ailment is Imran Haque.

This devoted, extensively experienced and highly reputable medical doctor is a licensed internist in North Carolina. In addition to this, he is also a long standing member of the Maintenance of Certification Program in internal medicine. To this humble physician being a medical practitioner not merely a job but more of a calling he is dedicated to fulfill. This is why he is extremely passionate about providing personalised medical care to every single patient. The hardworking DrImran Haque has been succesfullypractising internal medicine for close to fifteen years making him qualified in offering a plethora of medical services including diabetes management, assisting patients to lose weight and also helping his patients maintain a healthy and normal body weight. This is what makes him the perfect doctor for a patient suffering from Diabetes.

Aside from practicing internal medicine in several hospitals in North Carolina such as the renowned Randolph Hospital, south Eastern Medical Hospital and even High Point Regional Hospital, he also owns his own state of the art medical practice known as Horizontal Internal Medicine. He belongs to the school of thought that practicing medicine is not a one man initiative but a joint collaboration between different medical experts to develop the most viable solution. This is why at Imran Haque’s medical practice you have the privilege of receiving a thorough check up and a feasible treatment regimen developed by a team of experts who analyse your test results and medical history extensively.


Imran has transformed his inventive medical practice into a safe haven for persons suffering from diseases that require specialised and personalised care. The staff will ensure a treatment plan is specifically tailored to suit the particular health needs of a patient. This way you will be able to actually transform your lifestyle in line with what your body needs to remain healthy and ward off any diseases or consequences of an existing ailment such as Diabetes. One thing Dr Imran Haque understands is that wholesome treatment is about more than just a routine physical. It takes consistent medical checkups and developing a good relationship with the medical personnel. Treatment does not end at diagnosis and administering medicine or performing surgery. The committed personnel go a step further by dispensing beneficial medical advice on how to remain healthy and live a wholesome lifestyle so that the ailments can be prevented in the first place.


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