Ezekiel Elliott Will Appeal Suspension


Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended for six games by the NFL for violation of the league’s personal conduct code. The league has agreed to let Elliott keep playing until the decision. In order to keep Elliott out of the September 10, 2018, season opener, Henderson will need to make a decision by September 3.

Elliott’s Appeal Case

The appeal case will be heard by Harold Henderson who was appointed by Goodell. Many experts suggest that Henderson may rubber stamp Goodell’s decision as he has heard many NFL appeals and that is his normal action. In a nod to Elliott, the league has agreed to let Elliott keep playing until Henderson makes his decision. Henderson will likely have to make a decision by September 3, 2017, to keep Elliott from playing in the Cowboy’s first game. If Henderson rules against Elliott, then the case may end up in court. It is likely that the league would continue to let Elliott play while waiting for the case to go to court.

Twitter War Heats Up

Within minutes of making the announcement, the National Football League Player’s Association(NFLPA) took to Twitter to point out that Tiffany Thompson’s girlfriend was not an extremely credible witness. The National Football League shot back at the NFLPA saying that the action that they took was justifiable.

Elliott Will Appear Before Henderson

According to the Dallas Star Telegram, Elliott will appear before Henderson. The crux of his argument will be that Thompson threatened to ruin his career if he broke up with her, and that the NFL is letting her do just that. Elliott’s lawyers have indicated that they are prepared to show that the findings developed by the NFL are full of errors. The lawyers have strongly hinted that they have a sex tape where Thompson promises to ruin Elliott if he does not continue to love her.

NFL’s Evidence

The Cincinnati Police Department failed to file any charges, however, citing conflicting information. Nonetheless, Roger Goodell announced that Elliott was suspended for six games saying that there was testimonial, medical and photographic evidence to support that Elliott was in violation of the rules. In making his statement, Goodell said that the suspension was not based on the testimony of any one individual.

Jones Says No Comment

Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones is reportedly very angry about the NFL’s decision to ban Elliott for six games. He has, however, refused to make any public statement since the ruling was handed down. He has said that he believes it is best if he withholds comments allowing Elliott’s lawyers and the NFLPA to handle the situation.

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