Thunder Moon photos are amazing


This year’s Thunder Moon put up a great celestial show across the world with photos being taken and posted on a number of social media platform by amateur to professional photographers.

The Thunder Moon a.k.a. Buck Moon, Hay Moon, Mead Moon, Hay Moon and Summer Moon was visible starting at 12:07 a.m. Sunday morning. The July full moon is also known as Guru Purnima, Mead Moon, and Ripe Corn Moon. The Thunder Moon rises slowly, with the clouds threatening to bring down curtains to witness the near full moon (99.9%). The full moon of July also has quite a few regional names based on the country you are in.

Full moons typically occur monthly. To distinguish each one, every full moon has a nickname corresponding to activities commonplace at that time of the year.  July’s full thunder moon is an easy one to comprehend, as July tends to be a rather stormy time of year for many areas of North America.

Native Americans had a major role in the naming of full moons. November’s full moon, or the beaver full moon was dubbed as such because it marked the time of year with Algonquin tribes set beaver traps to help keep people warm during the impending winter.


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