OKEx says it will list BitcoinABC for trading


BitcoinABC has already found a few takers with the latest one being one of the biggest bitcoin exchange, OKEx that has said that it will list BitcoinABC and any chainfork coin that arises on August the 1st.

According to OKEx, which has the highest trading volume in China at some $30 million daily, the exchange will give users their rightful ownership of their bitcoin no matter the number of splits. The announcement from OKEx comes just days after ViaBTC that revealed that it will be listing BitcoinABC, named Bitcoin Cash.

Following the footsteps of ViaBTC and OKEx, chances are that other bitcoin exchanges will probably follow and list the two coins there by opening up the scalability decision to all bitcoiners who will soon be able to pass their ultimate judgment.

On the one hand there’s Bitcoin Core, which will probably be listed as just bitcoin with a BTC ticker, and their vision of a settlement bitcoin with full blocks and limited on-chain capacity so that everyone transacts on new protocols, like the Lightning Network.

On the other hand there’s Bitcoin Unlimited, an approach BitcoinABC largely follows, which will probably be listed under Bitcoin Cash and the BCC ticker, with a vision of keeping blocks capacity above demand up to actual network technical limits in line with Nakamoto’s suggestion, they say.

The two sides have been engaging in a more than two years long debate that now seemingly ends in a split into two coins, BTC and BCC. Whichever gains the highest price will likely be known as bitcoin, with the other one named as Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Cash depending on which settles as a minority coin.

Hashrate follows price, so whichever has the highest price will also probably have the highest hashrate too as miners are free to move between the chains.

As such, the decision is truly to be made by all bitcoin holders who will be able to vote for which trajectory they prefer and for what direction bitcoin should follow.

The vote will likely go down as the most decentralized decision in this space as the two visions both find support by very senior and experienced bitcoin developers, with the most senior of them, indicated by having commit access, split in half last year.


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