Aloha Construction Has A Big Heart: Shopping Spree for Children In The Community


Aloha Construction, a company based in Illinois in the United States, prepared a charity event that is one of such events it conducts annually. The event is usually a shopping spree to help local children, and the company considers doing this as a sign of corporate social responsiveness for the local people. The following is an explanation on how the entire event was planned. The company had created an extension to propel its philanthropic works called, Dave Farbaky Foundation, and it intended to use this function as the launching point. Dave Farbaky Foundation in collaboration with Learning Express Toys had planned to provide a sixty seconds spending spree for four children to collect whatever they could manage for the shelves of a shop.

The founder of Dave Farbaky Foundation, Dave Farbaky, in his statement noted that “such initiative to allow children to buy at the expense of the company could be perceived as a little achievement, but in reality, it means so much to the kids.” Dave added that it had taken time and effort to put him in such a position where he can offer children this extraordinary opportunity which in turn gives him pleasure. Giving back to the community is of utmost importance for the Dave Farbaky Foundation and Aloha Construction.

The shopping spree was scheduled for the 14th of August at exactly 3 pm, and each of the four children who were to be involved were to be afforded with sixty minutes to shopping; therefore, the whole spree was to last for four minutes. Dave was to be waiting to greet and congratulate the children for successfully taking part in the shopping spree at the door. Learning Express Toys offered to give a discount of 40% for every item that the kids picked during this event. The owner of Learning Express Toys Mister Derr Rick is interested in this event as it serves to teach youngsters about the importance of random acts of kindness to others. The two organizations are not the only ones sponsoring this event as Communities That Care and Omni-Youth Center, local charities, have offered to assist in the search for needy children. The philanthropic work of Dave Farbaky Foundation is growing very fast despite its newness in this field, and the management has indicated that it intends to conduct the events every month to reach more needy children in the society. It is expected soon these events will become habitual in Illinois and many children will be lined to benefit from free shopping.

After a successful shopping event that was attended by the children of Omni-Youth Services, Aloha Construction in partnership with Learning Express Toys felt successful and are planning for more events. The founder and CEO of Aloha Construction and Dave Farbaky Foundation, Dave Farbaky, has been a member of Lake County Community. He has in several occasions contributed to the organization kitty, in support of the treatment of Spine Bifida Occulta. He has also contributed to many other local cancer treatment centers to subsidize the treatment of cancer. Before coming up with this initiative, Dave had observed that almost all the children needed toys which their families could not afford. He, therefore, chose to launch shopping spree events targeting children hailing from low-income families and for sure this initiative has assisted many youngsters.

Four sisters, Ifra, Azka, Anousheh, and Kuna, took part as they were given a walk-through by Rick Derr. The children had sixty seconds each to grab as many as many items as possible before they were checked out. It was a big event that was attended by many people to cheer the kids. Ever growing cheers from the watching crowd attracted many families that passed by to watch the event. This grabbing of toys did not just end there, Dave chose to allow for more thirty minutes for the children to collect from the shelves whatever they felt to have missed. It was an exceptional experience for the children. Connecting with the community that they work for is a humbling experience for Aloha Construction.

Repeating these shopping spree events will for sure benefit many families and will create the sense of positivity and readiness to help other members of the society who are less privileged. Giving back to the society is one of the critical philanthropic engagements that any organization can engage. This not only creates close bonds between Aloha Constriction Company and the surrounding communities but also it is a sign of responsiveness. It also forges among the target people a feeling of connectivity and association to the organization helping them. Philanthropy has been practiced for centuries, but it is in the 21st century that its real effects are being felt by many communities not only in the United States but also in the whole world.

The following are some of the importance of giving back to the society.

1. It offers the less privileged members of communities the opportunities to benefit from the philanthropy services that are extended by host organization(s).

2. It fosters the relationship between organizations and the community, and this promotes the organizational image. A good image will in most cases create a conducive environment to conduct its routine operations.

3. Philanthropy creates a tradition of helping someone to change his/her life even if in just one day. When this tradition cements its space in the society, it helps transform the lives of peoples who would have otherwise lost the opportunity to prosper in its absence.

4. According to Hellene Edmund, the chief public relations officer of Tesla Car Manufacturers in North Carolina, giving back to the society is empowering your potential targets in the market. This means that although the community may not be playing an active role in the direct purchasing of goods or services offered by the host organization, philanthropy empowers them to some extent every other time it is embraced. Repeated activities will finally transform the needy society to very loyal customers. Therefore, Giving back to the community not only affords the host a sense of fulfillment but can serve to change the fortune of business.

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